I Need You

The sequel to Flynn's Problem


9. Chapter 9

Last time on I Need you

"Tell me Cece, is Flynn afraid of heights?"

"Touch him and I'll have you locked in a prison shower

You want Flynn? Come to the top of the Brooks Building. There's an elevator. And bring your mom.

Ok but you hurt Flynn in any way and I'll kill you myself.

You've got twenty minutes Cece. Time is counting down

Cece's POV:

Hi mom listen I gotta talk to you.

What's up Cece.

Listen I got a little problem but I don't have long.

What's going on?

Mom someone's kidnapped Flynn. I was gonna go get him alone but the guy wanted me to bring you along aswell.

Just tell me where.

Can I meet you at the entrance of the Brooks building like right now

Yup on my way!

General POV:

10 minutes later; outside the Brooks Building

"Finally, I'll explain later. Just we gotta get to the roof now!" Said Cece

Georgia was fitted out in her usual cop gear, handcuffs and gun on hand. Cece opened the door into the Brooks building and immediately noticed an elevator at the far end of the Building.(i apologize if this is incorrect. I'm not actually familiar with this monument. I just chose the name at random) They made their way over to it and pressed the button. The doors opened instantly and Cece and Georgia jumped out.

"Hello Cece. Nice to see you again Georgia"

"What the hell? Cece how the heck do you know this guy?"

"This is Donny. I met him one day when I was out walking when Flynn was at the hospital. He paid for my ice cream."

"Cece this is Robert Fox. He's an international criminal.


"Yeah I've been chasing this dude for a lifetime. I never thought he'd get so close to my family without me even knowing!"

"I guess that would explain the kidnapping."

Just then the elevator doors opened and Rocky stepped out

"Rocky? What on earth? How did you know we were here?" Cece asked

"I saw you two outside the building so I followed you guys. I got the elevator back up when it came back down, now you wanna tell me what's going on?"

"This guy's got Flynn."

"Cece that's the guy who was asking me all those questions"

"I know Rocky. Turns out this guy is an actual creep. You don't wanna know."

"Well what are we waiting for? Let's get Flynn back!"

"Hold on Rocky this guy could be dangerous.

"He doesn't scare me! I can put those karate lessons to good use."


Rocky charged at Robert...


A/N: So you guys I got some news. I'm planning on ending this in the next two or three chapters. Yall'll know when that happens. I might do like an epilogue chapter Idk I'll see. But that's it for now. Its 5am here so beddy bye time for me. See you guys in the next chapter

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