I Need You

The sequel to Flynn's Problem


8. Chapter 8

Last time on I Need You:

Flynn's POV:

I walked down the street and into an alley when someone in a mask jumped out, grabbed me and put a bag over my head and threw me into a van. The van immediately burst to life and sped off, my last thought being Cece's face as she held her ice'cream.

Flynn's POV:

I awoke with a startle.

"Where am I? And what is that smell?"

"Hello Flynn" The voice sent shivers down my spine.

"Who...Who are you?" I questioned, still a bit dazed

"Who I am is not important. what's important is that I need you if I'm ever going to get Cece to talk to me."

It was then I started to struggle when I noticed that my hands couldnt move. I felt the rope, and it was tied pretty tight.

"Sorry you had to get in the way Flynn."

As the man left, pulling out his phone, I managed to catch a glimpse of his straight black hair


Cece's POV:

"Hi have you seen this 14 year old boy?" I showed a passerby a picture of Flynn.

"No I'm sorry I can't help you"

The man seemed to be in a rush to leave...

"Man Half an hour and no sign of Flynn. I'm starting to worry"

"Does he have a phone Cece?"

"No because mom thinks Flynn is still too young" Cece said with anger

"I knew I shouldn't have let him out of my sight"

"He can't have gone that far Cece. He probably had to go to the loo."

"For half an hour?"

"Yeah why don't we make another look around

1 hour later and Cece had informed the police who had told her they'll notify her if they find anything

Cece had gone home to think. She had only gotten in the door when her phone went off. She had gotten a text

Hi Cece. Listen can we talk?

Cece immediately recognised Donny's number, also realising that she had forgotten to save it in her phone.

Yeah once I find Flynn

Oh Cece don't worry about Flynn I've got him here safe and sound.

Ok I thought this whole bad boy attitude was...well just an attitude. Since when are you into kidnapping?

Ever since you blew me off because of him. I hate that. I really really hate that.

Ok creep First the attitude and the get up and the pick-up line. Then you start asking around about me, you spy on me and you kidnap my brother. That is not okay.

"Tell me Cece, is Flynn afraid of heights?"

"Touch him and I'll have you locked in a prison shower

You want Flynn? Come to the top of the Brooks Building. There's an elevator. And bring your mom.

Ok but you hurt Flynn in any way and I'll kill you myself.

You've got twenty minutes Cece. Time is counting down

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