I Need You

The sequel to Flynn's Problem


7. Chapter 7

Last Time on I Need You:

"He's cute when he laughs" Cece thought to herself

She wanted to see him like this more.

"I'm gonna make sure you never feel sad again. I promise you that Flynn. I promise you!"

At Krusty's

General POV:

"Hey Cece. Everything Okay?" Rocky enquired

Cece had finally made her way back to their table and sat down in her old spot next to Flynn

"Yeah I guess so. I just had to let off a little steam. And I told my mom that I was gonna be the one to look after Flynn from now on. As far as I'm concerned she can go off chasing petty goons for the rest of her life...I don't care." Cece answered

"Wait you did WHAT?" Flynn and Rocky both asked, then looked at each other with a look of utter suspicion then at Cece with incredulousness (correct me if that's not the right word)

"Can you blame me? Flynn almost died and she didn't even bother showing up to the hospital!"

"Well no" Rocky said looking at Cece with dejection

"Exactly" said Cece

"But Cece she's your mom" Rocky replied with a glimmer of hope in her eyes

"Sorry Rocky. Anyway what say we head out for some ice-ceam?" Cece asked looking at the both of them

"Let's go" replied Rocky and Flynn

Ten minutes later and they were standing in front of a small ice cream stall on the side of the road with cups in hand, Cece with a scoop of strawberry, Rocky with chocolate and Flynn with Vanilla(see what I did there)(what? I'm talking about the rhyme...get your mind out of the gutter)

"Ok Rocky, spill! What's going on?" said Cece

"Flynn will you give us a minute?" Rocky requested

"Sure I'll just go for a walk" Flynn replied

"Don't go too far Flynn" Cece said

" I won't I promise" Flynn called out to Cece as he was leaving

"Ok Rocky what's up?"

"Cece do you know a guy with straight black hair and a black leather jacket, kinda creepy?"

Cece giggled "Ohhhh that's just Donny. I met when i went out for a walk from the hospital.. That's just the way he is"

"But Cece he was asking all these really personal questions I mean he even started asking about Flynn...I mean"

"But I never even mentioned...Ok yeah that is a bit creepy. It's probably nothing!"


Flynn's POV:

I walked down the street and into an alley when someone in a mask jumped out, grabbed me and put a bag over my head and threw me into a van. The van immediately burst to life and sped off, my last thought being Cece's face as she held her ice'cream.


A/N: So story's finally heating up! Can't wait! Who's got Flynn? Lemme know what you think in the reviews. Till next time

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