I Need You

The sequel to Flynn's Problem


6. Chapter 6

Last time on I Need You:

"So what happens now?" Flynn asked her

"Now...we go for ice-cream. Plus I need to talk to Cece about something."

"About what?"

"I'll let you know when i figure it out"

Meanwhile: Outside Crusty's

Nobody's POV:

Cece pressed the green button on her ringing phone and lifted it to her ear.

"Hi Mom"

"Hi Cece"

"What ya need?"

"I just wanted to make sure Flynn was okay"

"Well MOM Flynn's fine actually. Doing much better now actually"

"That's Good! Wait, better?"

"Yeah do you know he tried to take his own life? Luckily I got him to the hospital in time and he's fine now. Thank the Lord. In the meantime you couldn't even bother your behind to show up to the hospital to check on him!" said Cece, quickly getting irritated

"He WHAT? But he's okay now right? Why didn't you tell me?"

"Aren't you a cop? I thought you guys would be able to keep tabs on your own son. Plus I was hoping you would have noticed that Flynn had been acting strangely for a while and been a little bit more careful. I was hoping you might be able to atleast try savng your own son before you worried about saving the country. Clearly I overerestimated you" said Cece, disappointed

"Cece I'm sorry! I really am. It's just that we...I have been chasing this one guy recently who..."

Cece cut her off

"And lemme guess...you were too busy chasin him to worry about Flynn"

"Cece it's not like that. It's just..."

"Save it Mom. You know what? From now on you worry about chasing goons and i'll look after Flynn"

With that, Cece disconnected. She closed her eyes and then let out a heavy sigh. She then began walking back into Crusty's and towards Rocky and Flynn.

From afar she could see Flynn and Rocky laughing together about something(she didn't know what)

It was the second time she had seen Flynn laugh since the hospital visit.

"He's cute when he laughs" Cece thought to herself

She wanted to see him like this more.

"I'm gonna make sure you never feel sad again. I promise you that Flynn. I promise you!"


A/N: sorry. short chapter again guys. ill try updating tomorrow if I get the time. hope you're looking forward to the next chapter. Lemme know what you think. Till next time

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