I Need You

The sequel to Flynn's Problem


5. Chapter 5

A/: Hey you guys sorry it's been so long since i updated. I probably should have just put this story on hiatus for a while but just...I've been so busy recently but i really want to get this story done now. i have most of it planned out already anyway. for the moment I'm not sure if i'm gonna do a sequel because of how i'm planning on ending this one but anyway i think I've rambled on enough so lets get to the story.

Last time: Flynn bounded over to the table in excitement, clearly happy to see Rocky for the first time since he's left the hospital. I however walked over a little more slowly, still slightly weary

General POV:

" Hey Cece. You feeling okay?" Rocky asked as she looked towards Cece after embracing Flynn over the table.

Rocky had noticed Cece looked like she was about to fall over.

"Yeah Rocky I'm fine. Just still a little tired. Boy it is a lot of work trying to look after a kid. Especially without mom around" Cece said as she sat down on the seat across from Rocky right next to Flynn.

"Yeah speaking of your mom, where is she? I thought she might have atleast shown up to the hospital to check up on Flynn" Rocky questioned Cece.

"Eh you know how her job is she was more than likely busy chasing another small time criminal" Cece said, attempting to hide her disappointment.

Just then Cece's phone started buzzing in her pocket. She pulled it out and looked at the Caller ID, her mouth agape.

"Who is it?" Flynn and Rocky asked her, Flynn's first words since they had arrived

"It's mom. you know what, can I take this?" Cece asked, beginning to get up off her seat

"Of course" Rocky and Flynn replied to Cece, after which they(Rocky and Flynn) exchanged a glance and a smile

Once Cece left to go talk to her mom on the phone, Rocky decided it would be a good time to catch up with Flynn, make sure he was okay. So she did.

"Hey Flynn"


"how are ya doin' bud"

"Better than I did about two weeks ago"

"Good I'm glad to hear that. So did you talk to Cece...about you know what?"

"Yeah actually, she took it better than I expected. We just agreed to remain siblings" but im happy. We ended up just hugging and crying. It was an emotional conversation"

"Well look at it this way, atleast you managed to get it off your chest. I'm just hoping and praying that things will be okay now"

"Yeah me too. Thanks for the support, by the way it means alot."

" Hey no problem Flynn. You're like my little brother. Just don't ever scare me like that again.

"Cross my heart" said Flynn making the usual cross heart gesture"

"So what happens now?" Flynn asked her

"Now...we go for ice-cream. Plus I need to talk to Cece about something."

"About what?"

"I'll let you know when i figure it out"


A/N: If you bothered to read this far, props to you and i appreciate it. Do let me know what you thought of the chapter. Hope to get the next one up soon. That's all for now. Ttyl :) 3

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