I Need You

The sequel to Flynn's Problem


4. Chapter 4

A/N: So guys, sorry I haven't updated in ages. I've been extremely busy over the last few months. I swear I'll try update more often now. I've got about 5 different projects at the minute(just for writing and they are all not fanfics). I know I promised you guys something special when I came back so hopefully that'll be up today or tomorrow. It's not the best but it's something I threw together. You'll know what I mean when you say it. Anyway I hope you guys enjoy it. In the meantime, on with the story.

Last time on: I Need You

Cece: FLYNN!

Flynn: Cece its fine. I'm just...tired

General POV

Cece awoke to the sound of her phone ringing afetr she herself had collapsed onto her own bed the previous day from utter exhaustion the previous day and past few days, what with all the stress about Flynn. She could atleast rest easy now.

Cece picked up her phone from the wooden side table next to her bed and groggily stared at the name, number and picture of Rocky on her phone screen. She pressed the green button.

Cece: Hi Rocky

Rocky: Hey Cece. Are you busy?

Cece heard Rocky's raspy voice on the other end of the line

Cece: Not really. I'm just about to get up. Why? Whatcha need? And are you okay?

Rocky: Yeah I'm fine. Just uh... out on my afternoon run. I was just gonna ask if maybe you wanted to hang out, you know maybe go out for ice cream or something.

Cece: Well if you say you're okay then sure. Lets hang out. I'll meet you at Crusty's in like 10 minutes, give or take 15.

Rocky: Okay see you then.

Cece hung up and put down the phone. She then got off her bed and rushed to get dressed...until

"wait a minute, did she say afternoon? Crap. Flynn!?"

Cece just then realised that she had completely forgotten about Flynn since yesterday. She went out of her room and rushed across the hall to notice Flynn already up and in the kitchen making cereal, with a crackling sound coming from nearby.

She just stood and stared at him for a moment and smiled until he turned around to her and smiled back. It was as if he knew she was standing there. He called out to her

"Yo Cece. Good afternoon sleepy head. I made you breakfast."

Flynn picked up a stainless steel spatula from nearby when he was done pouring the milk and used it to slide one of what appeared to be pancakes from a pan on the cooker onto a ceramic plate that was lying next to the cooker. He then handed the plate to Cece.

Cece put the plate onto the table, picked up the hot pancake and took a big bite from it.

"Enjoy" Flynn said to her. " It's premium horsemeat"

Cece spat out her her bite suddenly, with a look of disgust written across her face. She then gave Flynn a deathly gaze.

"What? I'm kidding! heh maybe" Flynn said to her

Cece then looked at him and laughed.

"There's the Flynn I know" she said to him.

"Should I be offended?" he replied

"No it's actually a good thing. It's great to see you are able to just have fun and be yourself again"

Cece then had a great idea.

"Hey Flynn? So I'm going to hang out with Rocky for a while. Do you wanna come with?"

"Uh sure. It'll give me a chance to catch up aswell. Just gimme a sec to eat"

Cece ate her steaming hot pancakes, enjoying every single bite

"Wow Flynn. These pancakes are awesome! I never knew you could cook like this...?"

"There's a lot you don't know about me Cece" he said to her

"What? You mean like the fact that you suck your thumb while you sleep."

"Hey I dont..."

She interrupted him with the words

"I'll show you the video later"

"Wait minute! Video?" he replied, clearly in shock.

Cece covers her mouth with her hand as if she were saying "Oops"

"What? I'm kidding! Hehe maybe."

"Two can play at that game Flynn"

She chuckled to herself

After they had finished(both their conversation and their meals) they decided to head out. Rocky would be waiting for them, Cece knew. however she also knew that Rocky would understand, given the circumstances, well that and Cece's habit of being late anyway.

Rocky's POV:

Phew I think I lost him. That was the creepiest guy I ever met. And what was with all those personal questions about Cece?!I thought to myself

I had spent the last half hour being chased by some guy with long black hair who had moments prior spent ages asking me numerous very personal questions about Cece.

Luckily I was able to duck into another alley unnoticed. The alley itself had lead to another street. That was when I had decided to call Cece. She might have a clue about who this guy is.

Plus it'll give me a chance to talk to her about Gary. Boy he is not gonna be happy.

Cece's POV:

Flynn and I caught a cab to Crusty's. It took us about five minutes. We didn't really talk much on the way over aside from once when Flynn asked me why I had invited him to hang out with me and Rocky all of a sudden and I told him that we needed to hang out more. He had seemed confused for a second but finally just shrugged and was like okay.

When we got in the door, we saw Rocky sitting at our usual table with a pizza slice in one hand and her phone in the other. She was tapping away on the screen, I couldn't tell if she was playing a game or texting, not that it was any of my business.

Flynn bounded over to the table in excitement, clearly happy to see Rocky for the first time since he's left the hospital. I however walked over a little more slowly, still slightly weary...

A/N: Hey you guys. So sorry for the late update. know this chapter ended very suddenly but im suffering a bit of writers block but wanted to give you guys something. i'll try update ASAP but anyway... thanks for reading.

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