I Need You

The sequel to Flynn's Problem


2. Chapter 2

General POV

After Doctor Johnson told Cece the good news, that Flynn was finally able to come home, She was ecstatic. She had to let him know. They had to get out of this place. So she started walking away but just then her phone started ringing in her pocket.

"Hmm I wonder who that could be"

She didn't recognize the number but she answered anyway.

"It could be important. Or even worse, it could be Gary Wilde." She thought to herself


"Hey Cece" an excited voice replies

Cece knew she recognized the voice but couldnt't quite put her finger on it. Then,

"Oh my gosh, Donny how did you get my number?"

"That's not important. I was just wondering if maybe you wanted to hang out for a while?"

"Uh sure but not right now. I'm kinda busy but I'll text you later kay?"

For Cece, Flynn was a little more important right now. Plus this guy already seemed a bit...creepy. Like seriously how had he gotten her number?

"Okay Cece. Have it your way!"

They both hung up the phone, leaving Cece a little dumbstruck

"What was that?"

By the time Cece got back to Flynn's room, it seemed to her like he was still asleep. His eyes closed. The up and down movement of his chest with every breath he took.

"He's cute when he sleeps"

"Wait what am I saying?"

Cece decided to wake him up so that they could leave the hospital and their past...uh pasts... behind and start afresh. So that is what she did. She tapped him a few times and gave him a light shake with her hand. Flynn opened his eyes and instantly noticed that he was staring straight into the chocolate brown orbs of his sisters eyes. With a smile on her face sge said to him

"Hey sleepy head. Guess what? We get to take you home!" She said to him

"No way! Are you serious?" He replied

"Yeah Doctor Johnson said you are recovering really fast and don't really need the hospital anymore so the best thing would be to take you home."

"That's awesome."

Flynn tried to stand up but noticed that he still felt a bit weak and he almost collapsed on the floor. He was lucky because Cece was there to catch him right before he fell. Bottom line...they both ended in up in an uncomfortable position.

Cece helped Flynn stand up straight again and held him for a minute before saying:

"Hey whoa. You okay there?"

"Yeah sis. I'm just still reeling from the whole episode. I'll be fine"

As Cece let go of him and left his room again, Flynn grabbed onto the side of the side-table to steady himself. He was standing there but a minute or two before Cece entered again, carrying another cup of water with her.

"Here Flynn. This should help a bit"

Flynn took it from her and this time drank the entire thing and then exhaled deeply. She again took the cup from him. Then, finally, they both left the hospital room that had served as his second home for the past few days.

Meanwhile, on the set of Shake It Up Chicago, Rocky was arguing with Gary about giving Cece the spotlight dance for that week. She knew that Cece would need a bit of positivity now and dance seemed to be the best way for her to get it.

"Come on Gary pleeeease. You know Cece is the best... Uh second best... Dancer on Shake It Up Chicago so why don't you just give her the spotlight dance already."

"Yes Rocky I know that but She has missed all of the dances for the past few weeks. I don't know what's gotten into her. They tell me now that she is even missing rehearsals. Not good enough Rocky. Just not good enough."

"Okay Gary fine. But that's just typical Cece. Tell you what! Give me till tomorrow and I'll see if I can't find out what's going on and I'll get back to you."

"Okay Rocky. You have 24 hours"

"How am I going to tell him about Flynn?" Rocky wondered to herself

A/N: So guys this is the end of the chapter. Hope you're liking the story so far. Look out for chapter 3 soon. I do plan to have Cece and Flynn end up together somehow. In the meantime I wanted to ask you guys a question. Do you want me to do one more sequel to this book? If I do, my idea would be to have Rocky fall for Flynn.. it ends up being love triangle or something. Idk just a thought. I need to know cause otherwise ive got an ending planned for this story and if im doing a sequel then i'll have to change it. Anyway till next time :)

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