I Need You

The sequel to Flynn's Problem


12. Chapter 12

Last time on I Need You:

"OK you bastard, gimme that gun"

Georgia Jones ran towards Robert and began to wrestle the gun out of his hand...until a gunshot rang out.

Cece's POV:

"Ah, crap!" I thought to myself

"Everyone okay?" I asked

"We think so..." everyone seemed to answer in unison.

That is until Mom looked down and noticed a large red stain on her shirt.

"what the? well then why don't I feel any pain?"

It was then that Flynn, who Mom was clutching, collapsed to the floor.

"OH MY GOD! FLYNN!" Mom said.

"FUCK" I screamed

"I glanced towards Mom's gun on the floor a couple steps away and dived for it.

"Wait Cece what are you...?"

Robert didn't even get a chance to finish his sentence before I called to him


I emptied the entire magazine into Robert, every last bullet, who ended up falling backwards and tripping and falling off the edge of the building

I then rushed over to Rocky and Mom, who appeared to be looking after Flynn.

It was then that Rocky turned to me with tears in her eyes


"Cece we've lost him..."

"The bullet pierced through his heart killing him instantly"

"Wait what?"

"I'm so sorry"

My legs finally gave way and i fell to my knees. I just sat there holding Flynn and cried. I cried and cried and cried until I finally passed out...

General POV

The funeral was three days later. Cece had insisted that she wanted to grieve at home so they let her stay.

All the family members had turned up. Extended family. Even Flynn's friends from school and his teacher had turned up.

Nobody was able to speak at the stand. They would begin but would end up in tears shortly after. In the end only Rocky got some words out.

"Flynn We all loved you to the ends of the earth. You were our friend. You were like a brother to me You were too young for this. So much left for you to do. But you will atleast finally be free. Rest in peace Flynn."

20 minutes later

Georgia and Rocky walked up the stairs to their apartment and Georgia unlocked the door. They walked in and it was then that they both noticed Cece lying on the couch with her eyes closed. Georgia walked over to Cece to put her jacket over her. It was then that she noticed Cece clutching a very very small piece of paper. She pulled it up to read. On it were just six words

"To Mom and Rocky: Thank You. :)

Then Rocky and Georgia noticed the two empty pill bottles on the couch.

Everything had ended the way it started...

A/N: So that's gonna be it guys. The story is finally over. It was very difficult for me to write this chapter but overall Since I started this story I think I have grown an awful lot as a writer. I don't know if there will be a sequel but I've got some other projects going on so look out for those if you. Well guys it's been fun. Thanks y'all for reading. Love you.

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