I Need You

The sequel to Flynn's Problem


11. Chapter 11

Last time on I Need You:

"Cece sit a minute and let me tell you a story then you can have Flynn back."

"You have five minutes!"

Robert walked over to Cece and slashed her arm.

"Listen to me Cece I'm trying to be nice here. Now I will take all the time I need"


General POV:

"So what you're telling me Robert is that all of this was because my mom killed your brother"

"Yeah the bitch did! Now it's very very simple. You tell your mom to put her her gun, her gun, her taser and her handcuffs on the floor and kick them away and then walk over to me and then I will give you back Flynn"

Robert pulled out his Beretta that he had been keeping in his jacket pocket and trailed the sights on Georgia.

For the first time in quite a while Georgia Jones spoke up. "Ok I'm game. But you bring Flynn up first. And we walk at the same time! You got that?"

"Don't push me Georgia"

"Don't forget I got a gun too Robert"

"Ok Georgia if it means I'm one step closer to getting you in my grasp!"

Robert walked away a little bit and picked up the other end of the rope and began to pull. Slowly Flynn's head appeared and then the rest of his body. Robert leaned out and picked him up from the chair. He pulled the tape off Flynn's mouth. Flynn's eyes lit up at the sight of his family.

"Ok Georgia. On the count of three, two.... One. And walk."

Georgia Jones put her gun, her handcuffs and her tazer on the ground and then she and Flynn both walked. Georgia to Robert and Flynn back to Rocky and Cece. Once they met halfway Flynn began to run, trusting in his mom.

"OK you bastard, gimme that gun"

Georgia Jones ran towards Robert and began to wrestle the gun out of his hand.....until a gunshot rang out.

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