I Need You

The sequel to Flynn's Problem


10. Chapter 10

Last time on I Need You


"He doesn't scare me! I can put those karate lessons to good use."


Rocky charged at Robert...


General POV:

Rocky expected she could atleast distract Robert for a minute or two. However she did not expect it when he pulled out a knife and slashed her arm.

"I'm gonna be honest, I could have pulled a gun but i figured that would be way more fun"

"Ouch" Rocky yelped jumping back.

"Try that again and this time I'll stab you!"

"You okay Rocky? Cece asked

"You're gonna pay for that you little bitch!"

"Cece before you try anything I would worry about Flynn first"

"Ok no more games then! Where is Flynn?" Cece demanded

Robert led them over to the edge of the building where cece looked on in shocj at the terrified face of young Flynn tied to a chair with tape around his mouth and rope around his wrists. He could not dare to even move lest he fall 12 stories to his death.

"Give him back!"

"Cece sit a minute and let me tell you a story then you can have Flynn back."

"You have five minutes!"

Robert walked over to Cece and slashed her arm.

"Listen to me Cece I'm trying to be nice here. Now I will take all the time I need"


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