The Beast Within

This story takes place with the life of Michael a 16 year old boy he has a gift that only his best friend knows.


1. my problems

So were to begin thats hard there is a lot to say and I'm not really an average person my name is Michael  all my life weird things have happened. don't get me wrong most of the time I'm like the other people. I'm 16 years old, about 6.7 foot tall, short brown hair, dark hazel eye's, and about 103 kg. I'm not an A+ student but Im not an idiot. I live with my mom she's ok but she is very clingy if you know what I mean. I've never met my dad he died when I was young something to do with a animal attack. I'm not a popular kid but the friends I have I keep close.

Last winter I went on a walk in a park just to take some time to think. 3 kids I knew from school came up to me these 3 were not friends of mine they bully every one. they circled me james was the biggest of the 3 asked me for money I told him to get a job he just told me to give him my wallet I told him ''I have been saving up to do something special for a friend so leave me alone.'' he replied with a punch I just hit him back then Marko and Brandon joined in they kicked me even when I was on the ground.

It ended up with Marko walking off with 300$ and me bleeding on the floor. I crawled over to a tree and took a break.I thought about all the money I just lost in any normal situation I would go to the cops but Marko's dad is the chief and a asshole he would just ignore it this is how it went on for years.

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