Fan fiction of a Fan fiction (Crash of Olympus by Paige_the_fangirl)



2. Chapter 2

I woke on the cushion of a bedroll. I pulled the hair from my mouth and wipe the drool from my chin.

Oh gods, I hope I didn't drool on Leo.

I sit up and look around the cave. Leo sat by the fire, twirling a nut around his pinkie.

"Hey chickadee." He says with a small smile when he sees me.

"I'm takin' watch. Percy asked me to after he Iris-messaged Chiron and Annabeth and the others." Leo jabbed his finger in the direction of a sleeping Percy, drooling all over his shirt.

I giggle.

"Do all children of Poseidon drool in their sleep?" I ask Leo, rummaging in my bag for a hairbrush.

He shrugs.

"I guess. You drooled on my shoulder a little before I took watch."

I felt my face tint pink.

"Oh... Sorry. Do you have some kind of... I don't know... Rivalry with Percy?" I ask, pulling my light green hairbrush from my bag, and start to brush.

He hesitates.

"I mean, it's not really a rivalry, just... He doesn't like me being with you."

The room suddenly felt colder.

Percy is being a protective brother of his sister.

I should be happy.

But he's keeping me away from Leo- correction: keeping Leo away from me

"Leo..." I whisper into the pale light of the fire in front of us. "D-do you like me? Like... Like?"

He lowers his head, and the shadows cast across his face. I see a faint nod and my face lights up.

I smile so wide I think my cheeks might pop.

"Leo, C'mere." I say to him with a slight giggle.

He lifts his head, a look of confusion planted on his face. I grab his wrist and sit him in front of me on the bedroll.

I take a tangled lock of his curly hair and start to brush.

"Delia, what the heck are you doing?" He asks, attempting to face me. But I push his head back, continuing to brush his hair.

"DDEEEEELLLLLIIIIAAAAA!" He raises his voice with a slight laugh.

But I continue.

"We need some fun in this deadly adventure, right? C'mon Leo, don't be stubborn."

Then Percy wakes up. He jolts awake and my smile disappears. I stop in mid-brush.

I set the brush down and scoot closer to Leo, wrapping my arms around his waist and resting my chin on his shoulder.

"G'morning Percy." I say to him.

He looks aggravated. I sigh.

I'm trying to show that he can't control me to stay away from Leo- he might be able to scare Leo off, but not me. We have the same powers- the same strengths and weaknesses.

Leo tries to scoot away, but I tighten my grip on him.

I go for my innocent voice.

"Percy, me and Leo, we-were kinda... I don't know, together...?"

Leo turns his head to face mine, our noses dangerously close.

Leo's eyes widen, and I can tell Percy's do the same.

I smirk and kiss Leo's cheek, causing Percy to clench his fist and jaw.

I don't care.

Percy is not going to stop me from proving a point-and making Leo happy. Or happy enough.

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