3. Thank you

For so long I've been lonely

Drowning In my tears

No one there to listen

Or face my deepest fears

No one there to shelter me

From this world so full of pain

No one there to show me the rainbows

Every time it saw the rain

No one there to give a damn

About my broken heart

No one to pick up the pieces

Every time I fell apart

But finally someone came along

And took the time to know

All the hurt and pain

That I tried not to show

He took the time to realize

How much I had to pay

For every time to realize

There was something taken away

He took the time

To look inside this heart as cold as stone

He found that there was something there

No one else has ever known

He found what is been hiding

And brought it out to show the world

That there was so much love

Inside such a lonely girl

He knew what I was feeling

So he set my mind at ease

Then he did the impossible--

He gave my soul to me

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