Please..dont leave me


9. chapter 9

It was about 11am when I woke in my bed but I was too tired to move so I just laid there until my phone started ringing I grabbed it oh shit it's the boss! After screaming and harry losing his job my boss had given me 2 weeks off whilst the shop was being repaired. Harry walked through the door and jumped into my bed and hugged me I really didn't want to tell him that he'd lost his job especially today after I tell him what I've done shit he's either going to go nuts or he's gonna love me even more but it was time "harry after you fell asleep last night I went back to that house, I looked around and you need something to remember your mom brother and sister so i found pictures of you and your brother and sister and a few of you and your mom" he raised his hand " I haven't seen a photo of them in 3 years I don't think I want to see them" I looked down "well stay in bed then because I bought a brand new frame a family frame and hung it in the living room" he got up and left the room I was only wearing a vest top and underware but I followed him and he was standing in front of the frame smiling " my god this is amazing it's the best thing I've ever been given."

Harry was happy the past few days he was a different man he took me out everyday whether we were just walking or going for lunch we spent all of our time together he still hasn't told me he loves me but I will wait, we walk to a park and he picks me up and puts me on a swing and starts pushing me and we are just laughing. What harry doesn't know is I've tracked down people he went to school with and who he hung out with before he disappeared from their lives and creeped into mine they're coming to meet him to see the man I've grown to love to give him the good of the past. "Hazza" a group of men shouted he soon turned round and smiled and stopped pushing me and ran over. They were talking for ages and he turned and waved to me and he was gone.

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