Please..dont leave me


8. chapter 8

Well that's another two weeks of holidays finished back to work today. As much as harry protested I had been out of hospital for over a week and if I was well enough to cook us food I was well enough to work! I hadn't told harry I heared him say he loved me I wanted him to tell me again but no sign of that happening.

I arrive at Starbucks with harry at my side it's his first day of work today and I have him working the exact same shift as me so I can keep an eye on him and just watch him working on the cameras boy I think I liked him.

Sophie came over to Starbucks I called her back into my office she just wanted a chat she was sad because Jamie heads off back to his base tmora and it breaks her heart the thought of not seeing him for a long time. She walked thorough the door her eyes bloodshot red and her face soaked with her tears I immediately got up to hug her "I'm going to miss him too" we talked for about and hour before Tillie ran through the door "Harry's gone nuts he's thrown loads of things everywhere and he's ran out" I got up and ran out to the front of the store "what the hell happened Tillie" she shook her head "a customer said he did something wrong and he was useless and he went crazy shouting 'don't you think I already know that' and then threw things and left" I was panicking I hope he was ok I told Tillie to apologise to everyone and ask them to leave then she could also take off and not to phone the police I had to find him I forgot about Sophie as i ran out the door and into my car to find him!

I checked the house and his stuff was gone I checked everywhere we have been everything I've seen him before but nothing it was hours passing it was about 11pm I drove home and sat on the sofa dialling his phone once again I left the 30th message of the night when it dawned on me he thinks he's useless he didn't save his family I ran to the bedroom and grabbed my laptop I typed in the incident of his family to find an address of where he used to live coz that's where he will be I know it! I wrote down the Address and jumped in the car it was a 45 minute drive but I arrived the house was abandoned there was still police on the gate there was smashed windows from bricks or whatever thrown at the house I got out of the car and walked closer he wasn't here but as I got closer I heared sobbing it was plain it was him I walked closer and it was getting louder and I could see a light I pushed the door sending chills over my body and there he was on the stairs crying he was holding something I couldn't see what it was i walked over and grabbed him and pulled him into my arms "I didn't save them Jess" I held him tighter " how'd you get in here" he looked at me " this is my house I can't sell it I just can't do nothing with it this is the first time I've come back here everything is the same" he stood up and ran up the stairs I quickly followed he was standing by the door their was a little sign hanging off it 'Princess Grace' he pushed the door open and walked in I couldn't bring myself to look and then he was out crying harder he walked into another room "this was my room this is where I found Sammy!" I pulled his arm and pulled him down the stairs and dragged him out of the house. I got him in the car and drove back to our home.

I held him for hours and hours he cried I listened and cried with him I rubbed his hair trying to make him sleep but he just kept crying "I'm always going to be here harry you can't leave me again" he nodded and looked at me "your so important to me Jess i don't wanna be here without you." He fell asleep and I left my apartment and drove back to the house of hell.

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