Please..dont leave me


7. chapter 7.

There was darkness I couldn't see anything but I could hear everything I heard Sophie crying praying I would wake up I could hear Jamie's soft words saying that I'm a fighter! He was right there was no way I was doing this I weren't going to let my friends suffer I need to wake up I try to breath I try to focus and then I feel him I know it's him his soft hand touching my head it was harry I could smell him how are all the other senses working! Please let me wake up.

The doctor was in the room he was telling harry that I was going to be ok that I had given myself a concussion and that I should wake up any time now! Why can't I believe him???!! There was silence again and then he spoke 'Jess you need to wake up now because I don't think I could carry on without you, you gave me a body when I was a shell you gave me a heart when I had nothing you gave me home And you gave me your heart, I tried to be there faster I saw that you were leaving and I tried running after you I didn't get you in time I hate dancers and drunk people we will never go out again. There's something i need to tell you' my hand I can feel it I need to move it now 'harry we have to leave the doctor wants to come check her now and he's told us all to go home he will phone if there was any news' No Sophie I need to know what he was going to say Harry Harry Harry! I knew he was gone I felt it!

It feels like years that i haven't seen his face I'm staring to feel my feet and hands more my eyes are ready to open I'm fine I feel no pain come on WAKE UP JESSICA!

I must have drifted again because he was back 'I love you' my hand moved and my eyes were twitching oh harry say it again please 'Jess can you hear me? DOCTOR!' And he was gone!!

I was awake and speaking finally and he walked through the door "hey" I said croakley "hey roomie" i smiled and he gleamed right back with tears In his eyes "I'm ok mind" he nodded "I know"

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