Please..dont leave me


6. Chapter 6. facing normality

Me and harry walked into the club he grabbed my hand and pulled me through the crowd of people to the bar where he ordered us 2 large glasses of Merlot we went and sat at a booth and waited for Sophie Jamie and a few of our friends to join us.

We had about 5 glasses each of merlot before anybody arrived and when they did they brought jugs of alcohol and sat by us. Harry looked and me Nd came closer and whispered in my ear "I can't be here, it's too much" i looked at his face and I fully understood but I didn't want him to give up just yet so I pulled him in closer and said to him "please give it another hour and if you don't like it no more then we will both leave and carry on drinking alone at home. He smiled and nodded.

I looked at harry and he was laughing and enjoying himself so I carried in dancing with Sophie. I began to get a little bit too drunk I was stumbling so I walked outside to get some fresh air there was a few people outside some were as drunk as me that needed air others just having a cigerette with their mates and me I walked well stumbled to a bench next to smokers. I was dying to pinch one off them but I haven't smoked in 4 years and I didn't want to start back now.

This man kept hassling me he wanted a cigerette and I don't know how many times I told him I didn't smoke but he didn't believe me, he took my purse off me and started rummaging through it, i stood up to get it off him and as I tugged on the bag he released it and pushed me to the floor, I could feel pain in my head and I couldn't see all that i could hear was Harry's beautiful voice screaming my name and then I was gone. Utter silence.

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