Please..dont leave me


5. Chapter 5. ...

I woke up to the sun shining in my face it was 11am my head was aching after all the wine. HARRY! I forgot he was staying here I jumped out of bed and ran upstairs and he wasn't there but the bed was neatly done, I couldn't help but feel disappointed but I walked downstairs to the table and my note and money was still there but he'd replied " I've taken £20 I will be back as soon as I can with a coffee and breakfast for us as a thank you for last night" I smiled whilst reading and on cue he walked in "hi" he looked at me I didn't want to push him so we went to the living room and we ate.

I was cooking dinner for me and harry when the doorbell went and harry went to go see who it was. About a minute later Sophie walked in "Jess are you ok? What's he doing here?" I looked at Sophie "I've been a crappy friend I should've told you that harry is staying here for a little while he needs to sort him self out he hasn't got a home" Sophie smiles and just came out with "your too nice mind, anyway Jamie wants to go out this weekend and I wanted to know which day was better for you and urm harry ? " I glanced at harry who had quietly joined us " I don't know whenever is good for me but I don't know about you harry?" He shook his head and took over from the cooking I just walked Sophie in to the living room and sat down talking to her in there.

It was Friday afternoon I was so bored I had 2 weeks off work so I grabbed harry and got in the car and went shopping for harry. We came home around 7pm we'd been shopping all day and the only reason it took so long is he kept arguing with me but as usual I do win. I'd sent harry upstairs to get changed and shaved because we had a taxi booked for 9pm to go meet Sophie, Jamie and our friends. I opted for my black super skinny jeans white vest top and my Gucci red shoes, my hair was up in a messy bun. I was waiting downstairs for harry "come on we gotta leave in 5minutes," and there he was walking down stairs in black skinny jeans and a white t-shirt with brown boots, he'd shaved only had a little stubble and his curly hair was brushed and styled he looked perfect. " we are wearing like the same outfit we are like twins" we both laughed I handed him a wallet and we left.

:) xxx

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