Please..dont leave me


4. Chapter 4. Harry Edward Styles

We chatted we giggled but now the question that I really need to ask just floated in my mind "how are you homeless harry?" He looked sad but he took a deep breath and started "my father is in prison he's in there until he dies in there, I was 18 when this happened I went off to work, it was a normal day my sister she was 4 at the time wasn't feeling too well so she stayed home with my mom and my brother Samuel he was 16 and bunkin off collage my mom never yelled at him she knew he would help her with grace my sister" his eyes were filling up "I got a phone call around 11pm it was Sam he was shouting down the phone mom and grace their dead he's after me next I love you bro" he cries but carries on "I got in my car and drove as fast as I could by the time I got home their was police and ambulances outside the house I saw my dad being brought out and he was laughing I ran over and asked him what was happening. I don't wanna carry on with the details but he murdered them all.

He got up and whispered "I'm going to leave now" he was about to walk away but I stopped him and pulled him down "please don't leave I have spare bedroom stay tonight it's late and we've had a drink" he nodded and I headed upstairs to show him where he will be staying. I left him in there and walked back down stairs I grabbed a pen and paper and wrote a note for harry I pulled money out of my purse and left it on the unit and went straight off to bed.

:) thanks if u are reading xx

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