Please..dont leave me


3. Chapter 3. party time

It was Saturday three days since Jamie's been home and three days since I was called a spoiled princess by that weirdo! Well tonight was the night we were off out we were going to Jamie's fav club bijoux it was amazing there and the three of us were very very exited to go, I was In my house getting ready and I would be meeting soph and Jamie and the club they know not to wait for me I take too long. I giggle to myself. I jump in the shower, I'm out I'm dried and now starting on my my hair, I decided to leave it down my thick bleach blonde hair now in curls and just below my breasts, I threw the wardrobe door open and started searching for something to wear.

In the end I opted for my black mini mini skirt my thigh high leather boots and a luminous pink crop top! I added the finishing touches to my make up and out the door I went and jumped straight into the waiting taxi, texting Sophie and Jamie that I was on my way.

The taxi ride seemed to be going on forever but it had only been 10 minutes I jump out and start to walk into to bijoux "Jessica" I turned but there was too many people I just shrugged it off there's bound to be loads of girls here call Jessica I laughed quietly and paid for my ticket to get in the club. As I walk to the bar I see Sophie chatting to some guy so I opt not to bother her and I go looking for Ryan, my search was over there he was lip locked with Tillie one of the staff that works with me, we'll not knowing what to do I grabbed my bag and ordered my self a large red merlot wine. I grabbed my drink and moved up the stairs where it was a bit more quiet watching my best friends enjoy themselves, I took a seat and as I did the couple who say on the other end got up and left "cheeky!" I said to myself.

About an hour had passed and I was on my 4th glass of merlot I seem to drink a lot when I'm alone I was watching Sophie dancing with this guy and then as if he was following my every move he was standing there looking at me even in crowds of people his eyes burned my face "holy crap" I got up and walked to the bar and ordered 2 large glasses of Merlot and a pint of well whatever i pay and walk back to my seat to look at him but he was gone "here's your drinks madam" the bartender looks at me "there's a young man by the stairs he says he's with you should I let him up" i turned and looked it was harry I can see why the bouncer wouldn't let him up he looked awful with a ripped coat and now beard "yes he's with me let him through" the bartender nodded and harry walked my way he sat down and looked at me "hey again, I got you a drink but before I ask what the hell your doing here I want an apology" he looked at me "apology for what?" My mouth opened "you called me a spoiled princess" his head just fell "I apologise for being so horrible it's not like me I got upset when you asked me if I wanted a lift home. I was home I sleep in a car park and I have for nearly 3 years I get food from that market because the man who works there knows I'm homeless in never ever steal he lets me have it and then he pays for whatever has been taken" i was shocked this beautiful man homeless and alone "why are you homeless" he looked even sadder and I put my hand up "this isn't the place for this conversation" I stood up and held out my hand and at first he was just staring but he stood up and slowly let me hold him I pulled him through the crowds and outside the club and we walked to the nearest take out place. " you hungry ?" "I'm always hungry" he laughed but I knew it pained him saying that. We reached dominos and I went in and ordered two large meat feast pizzas whilst Harry waited outside I waited to see if he was going to run but he didn't! I grabbed the pizzas and called a taxi.

The taxi ride was quiet he just sat with his head facing the ground, it took me awhile to get him in to my house but eventually I won and he walked straight through to the kitchen with me. "Drink?" He nodded "alcohol? Tea?coffee?" He smiled his painful smile "Merlot I used to love merlot" I giggled and pour two large glasses. And together we drank.

Ok! Next chap soon xxx

Lisa xx

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