Please..dont leave me


2. chapter 2! Jamie's home

I ran and jumped on him, he embraced me and picked me up and span me around "Jamie I've missed you" I couldn't contain my excitement anymore I let it go and cried, Jamie hadn't been home in over a year we usually skyped or snapchat but it was never the same. "My god Jess I'm deffo going away longer again if this is the reaction I get" he set me down and we both laughed Sophie just looked at us and giggled and as if on cue he pulled the two of his in for a big hug.

I went and coffees for us all and asked Tilly the waitress to stay on the counter for 10 minutes whilst I took my break. We all sat there Jamie was telling us all about his experiences me and soph were telling him about us, it was so nice to have him home.

It was 6pm and I was closing up the store, I locked up and walked over to my car and I could hear footsteps behind me I just walked a little faster thinking to my self your car is there you will be fine! I get by my car and get the key from my bag when I'm pushed "please don't scream or anything" I was terrified I slowly turned around "you again! What you come back to steal something else off me" he looked straight into my eyes again a part of me wanted to smack my lips on his but I just remembered his rudeness and I wanted to smack him on the face "I don't steal! And that was wrong of me last night, I've been standing out here since 3pm waiting for you to finish" " how the hell did you know I worked here" he looked at me and my fear just disappeared now I was just curious "I didn't I was walking buy and I was about to come in when I recognised you and then I knew I had to apologise for being an ass!" I smiled a small smile and he just looked at me "it's ok really you saved me some weight gain" he actually laughed and part of me wanted to laugh with him but it wasn't real laughter he looked like everything bad in the world had crashed on his shoulders. "I actually have to get home now .. What's your name?" "Harry" "nice to meet you harry I'm Jessica would you like a lift home Orr anywhere?" He turned away "Harry wait?! What's wrong?" He turned fast his face looked cold "why would I wanna lift with a spoiled princess like you?!!" He ran off I debated going after him but no one speaks to me like that! I forget you now! I get in my car and drive off home dialing Sophie on the car phone "that asshole" I just screamed when Sophie answered the phone " what's up boo?" I fill her in on the night events she tells me to come over to her place Jamie was cooking so I gracefully accepted and off I drove still angry at that silly man harry

Ok that's it for now

Lisa xx

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