Please..dont leave me


13. chapter 13


I arrived at the hospital and told the doctors that I will be sitting in the waiting room and I wanted to know how she was. It felt like days were passing. Sophie walked in and I stood up "what happened soph she never drinks like that I've lived with her and I've been out on a night out with her" Sophie was crying "this is all my fault I mentioned him and I knew she was upset it's all my fault" "mention who Sophie?" "An ex of hers" I was so confused before I had a chance to ask more questions! "Sophie sweetheart" "Maggie" Sophie and Maggie burst into tears together Sophie pulled away and introduced us "mags this is harry and harry this is Maggie Jessica's mother" he shook her Hand and nodded his head "we spoke on the phone" Maggie smiled at me "Jess is going to kill you harry she doesn't like people bothering her mum. You shouldn't be here Maggie" she shook her head "she's my daughter Sophie I'm glad harry phoned" Sophie looked worried "am I missing something here girls" they shook their head I went and sat down.

"Hello I'm looking for Jessica Scott's family" I stood " that's us" "Jessica's taken a turn for the worst and we are now going to operate on her, her stomache couldn't handle the amount of drink and her liver is starting to fail on us"my hands started shaking "are you the doctor that's operating?" He nodded "yes sir" I was angry " then get in there and save my girl! Because if I lose her because of you I will tear this hospital apart are you listening to me" he nodded and walked away. "I need to get out of here" I just ran out of the hospital I kicked a bin and wall and anything I could I was furious why the hell has she done this I got in Jessica's car and drove home I ran into the house and smashed all the bottles I smashed everything I could I was furious the sofas were thrown and the tables chucked against the wall!

I cried and cried my phone started ringing. Sophie. " harry get to the hospital now!" The line went dead I ran got in the car and was there. I ran to the waiting room and it was only Sophie there "what is it? Is she ok?" " she's out of the operating room and everything went good Maggie's in the room with her they said she could wake up at any time now" I sighed in relief and I walked to find her room and there she was pale and covered in wires I pushed the door open and sat on her bed "hey princess" "you love her don't you?" I nodded " I shouldn't be here harry I'm a wanted lady" I looked at her in shock "what?!" "Jessica was with a repulsive man for 4-5 years who abused her and ruined her and wrecked her life, he's in prison right now because of me I stabbed myself with a knife he had used on Jessica so his fingerprints were on it so he would be taken away! But now I have his thugs looking for me they've almost caught me but I'm too good" " then please leave Maggie because I don't want nothing to happen to Jessica please" " she's in good hands I will come visit her when I can please tell her I love her and me and her father will send money when we can to help move to a new house" i nodded confused and she left. I moved and sat in the chair next to Jess she was so peaceful "I will always protect you baby girl always!"

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