Please..dont leave me


12. chapter 12


I woke and she's still not in bed, I hope I haven't crossed a line by coming in here without her! I shook at that though we love each other! I turned my head it was 5am and was dead quiet out there, I grabbed my bottoms and walked out the living room and Sophie was passed out on the couch. 2 bottles of wine no wonder why she's passed out, where's Jess?! I walked towards the kitchen and there was another two bottles of wine and my red merlot wine! Where the hell is she?! I ran upstairs to our bathroom and she wasn't there I looked for my phone and then dialled her number. "Come on Sophie where are you" I ran downstairs and walked back into the kitchen and stood in something I looked down and there was red liquid I turned to the back of the counter and there she was I threw my self to her "Jess! I shook her she's wasn't moving JESS!" I picked her up the red liquid was her blood there was too much I grabbed a towel and placed it on her head I ran in to the living room and laid her on one of our sofas while I rang an ambulance.

It seemed like hours had gone passed before they got here and they wasted no time in rushing her out and taking Sophie in too just to be checked out! They wouldn't let me in the ambulance with her they were worried about her, I ran around our room sorting her stuff to take to the hospital when I found her phone I picked it up and scrolled through her contacts I found the contact: Mum! She never talks about her parents I pressed the dial button and it started ringing

Mum: Jessica baby are you ok?

Harry: I'm sorry it's not Jess it's her partner harry!

Mum: where's my daughter? Is all ok?

Harry: actually Jess has been taken into hospital and it's not good I think you should come down.

Mum: is she at the local hospital?

Harry: yes

Mum: I will meet you there harry

Harry: ok see you in a bit

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