Please..dont leave me


11. chapter 11.

That was the first night we had spent together although nothing happened between us it was just amazing laying in his arms falling asleep. I woke late it was 11am he was still sleeping peacefully at my side I didn't want to move just incase I woke him. I placed my hand on his chest and slowly turned my self to move away I wanted to bring him breakfast in bed, I tip toed out of the bedroom and into our kitchen and made some pancakes I cut up some fruit and made tea and orange juice and made my way back to our bedroom. He was sitting up "I woulda helped but it smelt so delicious I thought id just wait" I giggled and hopped back into bed.

We just cuddled I wouldn't let him leave my side holding him made me feel safe "I love you mind H" he didn't have to say anything he pressed his lips on mine and passionately kissed me! Wow! I pulled his hair so his lips couldn't leave mine his hands wondered around my breasts! Things were heated and passionate we were all over each other, he started stripping me and i did the same to him, that was it he was on top! This was really happening.

It was amazing we just laid there on the floor covered in a blanket, his body was exposed my head lay on his chest and my legs lifted on to his, his hand was on my butt and the other on his head "that was perfect Jess!" "It really was h" we giggled and then my door bell was going off "I'll go" he slowly peeled himself away and grabbed jogger bottoms from the drawer leaving his beautiful body exposed and went to the door. I stood and jumped in the shower had a quick was and then chucked my sports bra and shorts on and went into the living room.

"Jessica, I have been ringing all day do you not know how to answer your phone" she looked really concerned, I saw my phone on the unit and walked to it "I'm sorry soph I've not heard it" she smiled "and why not your usually glued to it what's kept you so busy" she knew straight away I wouldn't even give her a reply I walked away "coffee soph" she laughed "yes please" harry looked confused but just smiled and threw himself on the sofa. That was Sophie's cue to moved she joined me in the kitchen "my god he is a fittie" "I know and he's amazing in bed" we both laughed "so this has totally made you forget about Vince then" my face just dropped! Vince was the school bad boy which instantly attracted me to him we got together in our last year of school I was only 16 and was madly in love we were together for 5years we split early this year he was abusive and always in jail, we conceived a baby when I was 18 and when he found out it was a girl he threw me down our stairs, he's in prison now and I've moved so he won't ever find me he should be spending 10 years inside. " that vile man hasn't entered my thoughts for months now" Sophie looked apologetic "sorry babe, does harry know about him" I shook my head "me and harry have only known each other for a few months and only got together yesterday" we talked for ages and then my harry walked in "listen gossips I'm starving so either leave the kitchen or I'm ordering in" I stared at him he was staring to feel more at home " order in the coz we ain't moving" he squinted his his eyes and moved Sophie from the chair to the door and then came back and picked me up and chucked me on the couch and walked back to the kitchen "your an ass!" Me and Sophie were laughing "are you working tmora?" I shook my head "nope, I think I'm off now again for a week the boss is down and he's said he doesn't need me there when he is down so I'm off" smiling big thinking more time for me and harry in bed.

It was 12am and me Sophie had hit our third bottle of wine I was drunk and Sophie was paralytic she had passed out on the sofa whilst I carried on harry was in the bedroom reading but I carried on drinking and drinking. Thoughts of Vince in my mind scaring me I drank more and more to drown the thoughts of his vile face. It was 2am and I had drank another two bottles to myself my head was spinning but I was determined to get that man out of my mind, I stumbled to my fridge and Harry's merlot was there I grabbed it and poured my self a glass and then another and another. I was stumbling that was it i was gone pain hit my stomache and my chest and I fell hitting my unit by the head on my way down my eyes closed slowly"

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