Please..dont leave me


10. chapter 10.

I missed him he'd been gone for days now and not a word from him I had messaged his friends a few times but no nothing I've been carrying on with my life. I've been hanging out more with Sophie it took a lot for her to talk to me because I missed saying goodbye to Jamie. It's now 8pm and me and Sophie are both cwtched into the blanket drinking our wine laughing until she brings up harry " so are you seriously gonna sit here and not tell me your in love with harry" I looked at her I tried to look shocked but she saw right through me "your right I love him and he's gone after everything I've done for him and I bring his past back to him and he's left me" I started crying she pulled me into a hug " why has he left me soph" she looked at me "he's an idiot" "I know he loves me soph he told me when I was unconscious in the hospital he told me he loved me what changed" I just wanted to be alone and I think Sophie sensed that when she kissed me on the cheek and left. My phone rang it was harry " harry?! Hello?!" Silence "harry hunny are you there ?!" I could hear breathing "are you hurt? Where are you ?" The line went dead! Harry??!!!

It was 6am I had been up all night ringing his phone this was about the 100th time someone answered "hello" it's a woman "hello is harry around" " im sorry but this phone was just left here i don't know a harry" "where was the phone" she said that awful address he was back there he wanted me to come I should've known.

I arrived and there he was smiling he turned around and looked at me " I've cleaned it all Jess" I smiled at him " I'm going to sell it" I walked over and hugged him "I'm so proud of you harry" he stood there smiling and the past was slowly healing "is there anywhere you want me to drop you off harry with all your things" he turned quicker now and had a shocked face "your kicking me out! Why? Is it because I haven't been back or haven't called i did try ringing last night but signal was terrible" I just started " no I'm not kicking you out I thought you were happy back with your friends so I didn't want to pull you away from that" " oh god them guys no they said they would give me a lift back here they left then I've been alone here for the passes few days" I smiled he wasn't leaving me he was always coming home "are you ready to come home no then harry " he nodded and got in my car we laughed we sung it was the perfect car ride home.

I was so tired I kissed harry on the cheek and walked to my bedroom I took of my clothes and I was too tired to change into pjs so I just laid on my bed when there was a know and he walked in "nice butt" he laughed so did I but I was too tired to move so he could see what ever he wants "what's up harry" he shook his head and smiled "nothing wrong everything is brilliant and it's all because of you " he walked closer to my bed and laid down so we were face to face "your beautiful Jess and your kind and strong and I know I said it but your beautiful and your the only good thing to ever happen to me" I couldn't help but smile and I was very much awake now I wanted to hear everything so I just stared at him "I just wish you would've found me years ago so we could have been spending our lives together and I know I'm rambling but the whole point of this is I love you and I know you proberbly will kick me out because I'm a weirdo but I love you so much" I'm smiled and he looked right through me "harry your crazy and unpredictable and well you can't cook or clean you can't serve coffee but despite that your amazing and beautiful and perfect in every way and I love you so much and I'm glad we've met and I really hope you never leave me because this is our home and I don't think I could continue living here without you! You've turned me weak I need you to be strong and I need you to live" finally he edged his way closer and I went into it happened his lips were on mine his soft beautiful lips slowly moving against mine my hands were in his hair whilst his were on my face. He pulled away we just stared at each other I smiled he just stared "I love you so much Jessica" "and I love you harry"

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