Please..dont leave me


1. chapter 1. we meet

"Jess, have I told you my brothers back from the army tmora for 3 weeks" I looked at her she was smiling. My friend Sophie and her brother were twins and inseparable until he wanted to pursue his dream of being in the army, everyday of mine and Sophie's life is spent talking about her brother. I missed him.

"Really?! That's awesome night out planned soon girl!" She giggled "I like the sound of that" it was around 10pm and Sophie decided she needed to go do a shop for tomra since she lives alone and has no food in her cud bored that's why she is always at my house. So i finish getting changed and we jump in my car and off we go to the supermarket in town.

"Jess should I buy beer now or tmora?" I looked at her and just walked away "ok I will get it now" she shouted after me. I continued to walk down the aisle I wanted to buy some snacks for my own house. I grabbed the last pack of Pringles on the shelf when a young man barges into my arm and whispered "I wanted them!" As he walked off, I am the one person he shouldn't of chosen to try and intimidate "excuse me?! I don't know who you think you are but if I barge someone I apologise" he turned around his beautiful green eyes pierced my blue eyes his face was sad his stubble was over grown but hair so perfect he looked straight at the crisps in my hand "I didn't want to apologise for something I did on purpose" with that he snatched the crisps out of my hand and ran out of the store " Jess!" I could hear Sophie a part of me wanted to go after him scream at him just look at him but he was gone and I would never see him again, I just walk over to Sophie and tell her what just happened.

It was 8am the following morning I had work at 11am so I had plenty of time. I work in Starbucks well I'm the manager of Starbucks. But the best part of my job is serving people delicious well needed coffee. And drinking it myself. I laugh to myself with that thought. I picked up my phone and dialled Sophie "hey babe! He home yet?" I couldn't help feeling exited "no not yet I have to go pick him up at 12 so when we come back I will drop by work" "brilliant right love you need a shower bye boo" "love ya boo" I threw the phone on the bed and jumped in the shower ready for work.

So I hope u guys liked it :) xx Lisa xx

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