Please..dont leave me


16. 16


I couldn't stop crying, i was scared but I was so happy it's been a few years since I had something I could say was family a baby that's half mine half Jess's. I shouldn't have run away why did I. I walked back to the house ' I've been gone for 5 hours' she's gonna hate me!


I was packing a few items into a bag I was going to spend some time with my mum I didn't want to argue with harry when he decided to come home. I finished packing and was about to walk out the door when it opened and harry walked in "I'm so sorry" he'd been crying "I'm sorry too, I apologise for being stupid for accidentally getting pregnant" I walked passed him "don't be sorry for being pregnant it's a bloody fantastic thing in the world" I turned around my eyes welling up "what?" "This baby our baby it's amazing. I'm so happy. Yes I was shocked and I shouldn't have run but I was terrified this baby will be the only actual blood relative that I have" I smiled at him I pulled my phone out of my pocket and dialled mum "hey mom I won't be coming up after all he's here and happy about the baby" she just rambled on that she was right " going now bye love you" hung up and put the phone in my pocket, I grabbed his face and kissed him hard and passionately " you need to stop running from me we have to deal with things together you idiot" he smiled "always! I won't run again just me you and our baby" he placed his hand on my tummy "always and forever Jess I promise you" we kissed again is loved him so much and I know we hadn't even with each other a very long time but we were in love nd we were having a baby.

It's been 3 weeks since we found out we were having a baby I was only 7-8 weeks pregnant but I could already see my bump even though harry kept on saying that there was nothing there that I was flat. But I could see it, "look baby it's getting bigger everyday" "Jess babe it's really not your still flat as a pancake baby" I did a pouty face and picked up my phone and face timed Sophie "booboo look at my tummy" I held the camera back and she squeeled "ahhhh boooo I can see ur teeny bump awe I love it" I gave harry a look "told you" harry laughed "women ei" and with that he walked out the door "he can't see the bump soph" " he's not looking properly, where's her gone anyways" "i don't know proberbly to get food" I smiled "doin anythin?" "I was gonna come over but won't bother if Harry's cooking" "yeah so still he can cook for three" big cheesy grin sprawled across my face "ok I will get really love ya boo" "love ya booboo" I hung up and put the phone down and sprawled my self on the sofa "beautiful bump beautiful baby"

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