Please..dont leave me


15. 15


He drives like a looney, I should really stop him from driving in my car from now on. I don't want to die through my car. I laughed to myself and turned on the radio! Harry turned his head and looked at me "you ok?" " yeah I'm just nervous I just really hope my one moment of madness doesn't ruin my life" " there will be nothing wrong with you Jessica I know this ok" "you can say that baby but it wasn't your body that took all that alcohol" he didn't say anything I think he knew i just needed silence, I turned my attention to my outfit I was wearing tiny denim jeans and a tight pink vest top I had my pink high tops on and my hair thrown up in to a messy bun. I looked at harry and he was wearing cropped skinny jeans and black t-shirt with his really ugly ruined boots.

We arrived and we were sitting in the waiting room "miss Scott would you like to follow me" I stood and grabbed Harry's hand "come on baby" he smiled and we followed the doctor. "Miss Scott we have had you results and we have a few things to go through" I was almost crying i knew there was something wrong I squeezed Harry's hand and he just stroked it with his thumb "your liver miss Scott is fine and So is all the other organs I can't see any damage done to the body but I would highly recommend that you don't drink that amount ever again" I was relieved "thank you doctor is that it can we leave" "no we still want to do the scan if you don't mind hopping onto the bed" I got up and then laid on the bed he lifted my shirt squeezed gel all over me and started using the sonogram on my stomach harry stood and came to hold my hand. I was looking at the screen and looking at the doctor and if didn't really know what he was looking for "miss Scott I have some news for you here would you both like to look at the screen" I couldn't see nothing " I know it's nothing right now miss Scott but can you see that little tiny flicker right there" I nodded and so did harry "well miss Scott and me styles this is your baby I would proberbly say here your just over 4 weeks pregnant" I looked at harry his face was white I looked at the doctor "are you sure" he nodded" congratulations" harry ruffled in his pocket grab my car keys passed them to me and went running out the door! I just burst into tears "I'm sorry doctor is it ok for me to leave now" after about 5 minutes he handed me an envelope and I left crying whilst walking to my car. I couldn't see him no where! Has he left me!

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