Please..dont leave me


14. 14


I must have fallen asleep because as I woke she was staring at me her blue eyes dazzling me "your awake" she smiled "I've been awake for awhile now you just looked so peaceful"

It was now Thursday Jess had been home from the hospital for just over 2 weeks I handed in her resignation at work I had found a job working in a garage it was my turn to support us both, it was 1pm and Jess was in the bedroom getting ready we had a doctors appointment at 2pm to take a scan of her liver just to see if there was any damage.


I grabbed my phone and dialled mom

Jess: hey mom my appointments in an hour

Mom: it's going to be fine sweetheart

Jess: and what if it's not mom what if I've done some serious damage

Mom: they wouldn't of wait this long if they thought their was damage you worry too much

Jessica: shall I phone you to let you know or only phone you if it's bad

Mom: you phone me whether it's good of bad I want to know ok missy

Jessica: ok mom I love you

Mom: love you too boobear

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