Good girl, Bad guys!

Echo has always been the good girl. But when her mom dies and she's all alone she changes. She starts drinking and get a fake ID to get into bars and clubs.


2. ~Rules~


   I turned around and looked at him with a confused look. "Wait what?" "I said your Cams." "Im am no ones he can't just claim me!" "Oh but yes he can sweetheart." I sighed and walked downstairs. I sat on the couch and everyone started walking over. Of course Cam sat by me and slung his arm over me. I moved his arm and he got pissed. He yanked me closer to him and I mumbled "Ass." "What?" he said. " Your a ass." I told him. He looked at me in disbelief. "What?" I asked. "No one has ever stood up to me." "Well its about got damn time someone did. Im not one of them cry baby girls. Im not scared of you Cam." He looked hurt. He got up and went upstairs.

   I was still sitting on the couch and Mahogany spoke up. "Alright well here are some rules." I nodded. "You cant leave now that your here it dangerous for you too leave. Now that Cam has marked you, you cant cheat on him or him or one of us kill you. Now if one of the boys touch you they get killed." I looked shocked. "Wait I can't leave? Why?" "Because the other groups are trying to kill you." "What do you mean groups?" "Well the other gangs are trying to kill you."

   I nodded not saying anything else. They all got up and left. My eyes became lazy and I got tired. I slowly drift asleep laying there.

                                                  ~Cams POV~


   She just said that. I can't believe it. It doesn't matter I'll make her like me. I mean I like her. But it doesn't matter right now I just have to figure out where to put her to bed at. Ill just put her in my room, but maybe Casey will but my hoodie and sweat pants on her. I carried her up to my room and layed her in the bed. I walked back downstairs and talked Casey into changing her. She walked upstairs and changed her while I was waiting. "Cam if you sleep in their she gonna be attracted to your body heat. She'll get closer and try to cuddle with you. So you can deal with that or sleep somewhere else." I nodded and walked back upstairs and got changed. I through some sweat pants on and took my shirt off. I climbed in on the other side of the bed and then the bed started moving. Soon she had her arms rapped around my torso. I wrapped my arms around her and fell asleep.



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