Good girl, Bad guys!

Echo has always been the good girl. But when her mom dies and she's all alone she changes. She starts drinking and get a fake ID to get into bars and clubs.


1. ~Marked~

   I woke up and it was already 3:40. I walked out of my bathroom and texted my friend Casey. (Ignore the font difference) I grabbed my phone and texted her.

E~ Hey Case you wanna go to the Bahamas. (Fake club)

C~ Sure im getting dressed.

E~ Ok pick you up in five.

C~ Ok.


   I walked out to the car and turned the radio on. 'Good girls, bad guys' by falling in reverse came on. I sat there singing and finally pulled into her drive. I honked and she walked out in this short tight dress with like  in heels. That's my girl. "Looking good." I yelled at her. She laughed. She plugged her phone into the Aux and it took an hour and thirty minutes to get there. We pulled up and stepped in line.

                                                                ~1 hour later~


   We finally got to the front of the line and I pulled out my fake ID. He scanned over it and said "Have a good night Lindsey." I grabbed my ID and stepped past him. I'm only 18. No one knows that accept Casey because she 18 also. We walked in and she sat down at the bar. I put my wallet around my wrist and tightened the strap. "I'm gonna go dance." I told her. She nodded and ordered a drink. I squeezed passed people and finally made it to the dance floor. Soon after I felt someone grind up against me. I turned around and he had tattoos and piercings all up and down his body. "Dance with me." He said. "I have to get back to my friend." I told him. "Well to late." He said. I through my arms around his neck and he put his arms around my waist and rubbed my back. We danced to the music and I grinded up against him a couple times. Then he whispered into my ear "You've been marked."

   "I'll see you later I have to find my friend." "Who's your friend?" He asked. "Casey Vanyard." I said. "Oh she's dating Taylor." "Wait who's Taylor?" "Come on I'll show you." He grabbed my hand and pulled me through the crowd until we arrived at a booth were there was only boys Casey and another girl. I let go of his hand and told Casey that "I'm going to get a drink." She nodded and continued talking to Taylor. I walked over to the bar and ordered a Hurricane and slid my ID to the guy. He made the drink and put my card on top of the glass I put my card in my wallet and walked away. I walked back to the table and slowly slid into the group. Another boy had asked if I met any of them yet accept for the one guy. I shook my head no and he introduced everyone. "That's Cameron." He pointed to the boy that brought me over here. "That Shawn, Mahogany, Aaron, Taylor, Dillon, Carter, and I'm Nash." I nodded. "There's more of us at home."

   After he said that Aaron I think his name was spoke up. "They're coming." "Alright guys we need to leave." Cam said. He grabbed my arms and pulled me too the car. "Wait who's coming and why are the coming?" I asked. "I'll tell you who they are later but they're after you." I gave him a confused look and the Taylor kid took off driving. I noticed that we had someone fallowing us for like ten minutes. "Guys someone's been following us for ten minutes." Suddenly I was puled down into I'm guess it was Cams lap.

   Taylor made a couple sharp turns and speed up until we pulled up to they're house. We all walked inside and I sat down on the couch. "Wait so what does it mean that I've been marked?" "Well it means that now you belong to Cam and if one of us touch you then Cam will kill us, and if you run away to another group then we kill you." I looked dazed and then I was ran upstairs by Nash. He opened the door and there was a boy with brown hair and brown eyes singing. He walked out and introduced himself "Hi I'm Jacob. And I see that Nash has found a lady friend." "No she's Cams." He said.  

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