Without you🙊👌🔞🚮🔇

Lex has known Luke for 14 years before he became big . He has been like a brother to her . When he goes away on a big concert gig for 6 months in Tokyo she doesn't know what to do with her self she's falling to pieces . The one thing that helps is her romance with Michael her soul mate . Lex can only take so much of being away from him she needs him there what is she going to do how can she pull through ?

Luke HEMMINGS is the brother she never had she loves him to pieces but are they in love

Michael Clifford is her soul mate but feels she has feelings for Luke

•can she keep down her feelings or will they explode•

*Find out in Without You ����


7. The Loml✊

The next day I woke up to the sound of my alarm . I was all cuddled up to Michael with his arms and legs rapped around me . I couldn't move an inch or I would wake him up . I slowly tried to get up to get ready for my doctors appointment , I had a massive head ache from all the crying . "Don't think your leaving with out me ." Michael whispered . I laughed "I have a doctors appointment and you know I can't miss this one because you always make me miss the other ones because your so cute I can't leave you." I told him . "We'll then I'm coming with you !" He said in a sassy voice ."Oh really who said you get to come ?!" He pinned me down to the bed . "Can I come now ?" He said with that same sexyyy voice . " I guess you can come you little dork !" I told him as I kissed him and then pissed him . "Go get dressed you lazy little bum !" I laughed . "Can you dress me I'm to lazy !" He asked with a sad face. "Nope I can undress you but you have to dress yourself sorry!" I sad with a smirk on my face . "Ugh I have to do everything !" "Ugh your such a lazy little dork did you know that ?" I replied . "Yes , yes I am but guess what?" He asked with a serious face ." "What?" I whispered . He whispered back "I'm your lazy little dork that makes it even better." I laughed "Just get dressed!" "Okay ,okay I'm getting there slowly but I will!" He yelled . I got up and went to the bathroom and straightened my hair and brushed my teeth and as I was putting my stuff back I see Michael run out of the room and look at me . "Can you hear it ?" He put on Heart Brake Girl just so he could do it . "Omg Clifford you really are such a little dork !" From the other side of the room one they said it he did it he made a heart ,broke it, and then pointed at me ! " I don't know what to do with you sometimes !" We both laughed as I ran up and jumped on him . " Yay you're finally ready on time ." I told him . "Of course I am duh." He said in a preppy girl voice . "Let's go bum!" As we drove to the doctors he was singing the whole ride there and there were so many people surrounding the doctors so many fans ugh so much hate but we ignored it . When the doctor called me in Michael had to come to . He told me."I'm going to go with you everywhere I'm Ganna be like a little puppy who never leaves you're side." I laughed the doctor asked. "Are you having bad head aches ?" I replied . "Only when I cry or over think things but it goes away once my mind is off of that." The doctor asked . "What takes you're mind off of it the most ?" I answered "This dork right here ." The doctor laughed and Michael blushed . "You guys seem to have a really good relationship here!" I replied . "More than you'll ever know ." Once we left the doctors we went to meet up with the others to talk about Luke even though I still was really mad at Ashton. I went anyway . Once we were at Calums house my notifications on Twitter were as usual going off but this time it was hate because most of there fans were girls who didn't like me because They suspected I had more feelings for Luke than Michael I never read it but this time I did for some reason . I read girls saying. "You don't deserve him !" "Your the ugliest person on earth!" And more I felt like crying but I held it together for the sake of everyone else . "Does anyone know if Luke is fine or is he seriously hurt ?" Kali Ashton's girlfriend asked . "He's obviously not okay he got hit by a truck !" I said furiously but not meaning it "Sorry I'm just really I don't know I think I'm Ganna go home Michael if you want you can stay I'll come get you later I'm so sorry!" I ran out and grabbed the keys Muchael ran after and sat in the passenger seat . "What's wrong babe?" He asked ." It's nothing I just don't wanna be here ." I said in a low voice . He put his arm around me . I told you everything will be okay if it's Luke or not we can do this TOGETHER I promise." He said In a calming voice . "Okay , I love you Michael ." I said with my head On his arm . "I love you to !" We went to Panda Express and then home he had to go out real quick so I just played on the ps4 for a little bit . I shut it off and went into the bed room and laid down I thought to myself "Maybe there right maybe I don't deserve him maybe he can have someone better . But I don't want that because I love him and I always will!?" As my thoughts ran flustered in my mind I heard the door open as I look around the corner it's Michael with flowers and a guitar taking my hand and sitting on the couch with me . "Is this what you went to get?" "Shh just close you eyes and listen . I love you Lexie with all my heart and every day I'm going to sing to you until Luke comes home okay ?" He whispered . "Okay!" I replied as he took my hand "She sleeps alone tryna find the words to come home I wish I was I wish I was beside you she lies awake tryna find the words to say I wish I was I wish I was beside you !" He sings and then picks me up and sets me on the bed and says . "This time no interruptions no distractions just me and you and all the time in the world ......" He kisses my neck and I take off his shirt my body pressed against his the hot steamy tension in the room as my hand a go down his abs I can feel how hot he was his hands going through my hair as I bite his lip and he kisses me and everything else fades away and everything was perfect at that moment .

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