Without you๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ”ž๐Ÿšฎ๐Ÿ”‡

Lex has known Luke for 14 years before he became big . He has been like a brother to her . When he goes away on a big concert gig for 6 months in Tokyo she doesn't know what to do with her self she's falling to pieces . The one thing that helps is her romance with Michael her soul mate . Lex can only take so much of being away from him she needs him there what is she going to do how can she pull through ?

Luke HEMMINGS is the brother she never had she loves him to pieces but are they in love

Michael Clifford is her soul mate but feels she has feelings for Luke

•can she keep down her feelings or will they explode•

*Find out in Without You ����


4. Him๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ’–

When I woke up I could smell something . It smelled like my favorite breakfast , It was the smell of bacon , blue berry pancakes , and Nutella on toast . As I walked into the kitchen it was Michael standing there to my surprise because he doesn't like to cook . I asked him "Is this for me?" He answered "Of course ,the perfect day for the perfect girl Lexie. " I blushed and giggled kind of like a fan girly laugh. He said "Once your done eating I've planned the whole day out for us ." I replied in a sweet tone of voice "Michael you really didn't have to do this babe ." I know I didn't have to but I want to." He said "Today we're going to play destiny and then go to the park because I don't want to always be in the house." Even though I knew that was his favorite thing to do I knew we were going to have fun today . As I finished eating I went to go put the dishes away but Michael told me not to worry he would do them . As he turned the ps4 on he turned around and said "don't worry I'll let you win." I replied "Don't you dare let me win I'll kick your ass in the game anyway." He laughed so he came behind me on the couch and I lied back on his chest . Of course I was winning and Michael was mad . Once we were done I turned my head to look up at him . "I let you win!" Michael said . I got up saying. "No no no no no I won you didn't do anything you big baby." Michael smiled and said . "Are we Going to have to fight !" "Bring it !" I replied in a sassy voice. Michael got up and chased after me with his red hair getting all messed up . He grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder and dropped me on the bed as he ran out of the room. I quickly got up and chased him I ran and jumped on his back and grabbed his face and kissed him . "I win!" I said . He went back to the room and threw me on the bed and got on top of me and said . "Nope I win!" I'm a playful but sexy voice. I pushed him over and got on top of him and said." How about we both win right now?" He replied "I'd love that !" I kissed him and said with a sexy voice . "If you really want it your Going to have to catch me." As I ran out of the room in my socks and a green day shirt with shorts on and then ran out of the house out side . Michael ran after me and got In front of me and I fell on top of him onto the sprinkler switch. The sprinkler went off and we were soaking wet as Michael said "I got you!" I laughed and said. "Your such a dork !" We went back inside and we got towels . Michael replied ."So much for our plans." I replied ." Plans are over rated I like to go with the flow." Me and Michael both started laughing while out of breath . "Ring ring ring!" The phone goes off . The number was random one I've never seen before . I answered with a weird tone of voice . "Hello?" . "Is this Mrs.Lexie Clifford." "Yes why?" I say with an anxious voice . "We have some bad news and We were told you were the first to be informed." "Well what the hell is it!" I said with a mad voice but then quickly said . "Sorry !" "Well it's about Luke Hemmings ..... He.......

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