Andy's Little Siblings

Alice and Alex are Andy Biersack's younger siblings. They're twins, actually. Andy, Alice and Alex have always been the best of friends, but when the twins were about 9, Andy broke out into a band, and didn't seem to have much time to sped with Alice and Alex. 8 years later, the twins now 17, Andy returns to Cincinnati for a few months before Black Veil Brides goes back on tour. What will happen between the twins and Andy? Will the sibling hatred return within the twins or will they forgive him? Will their mom and dad go to the extremes and send the twins to California with Andy? Or will the Biersack Family corrupt? ****DISCLAIMER ***** I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS EXCEPT FOR ALICE AND ALEX! THEY ARE FROM MY OWN IMAGINATION. ALL PICTURES ARE NOT MINE AND ALL LYRICS USED IN THIS STORY BELONG TO THE RIGHTFUL OWNERS ****


1. Introduction

Meet Alex:

He's a quiet and shy 17 year old, but is really sweet and caring. He's got kind of a 'emo' look, but he likes it and doesn't care what people call him. He's got black hair, originally blonde but it didn't suit him, and chocolate brown eyes. His tongue is pierced and his ears stretched. He wears glasses, and sometimes he'll wear contacts but not often. His hair is also on the longer side. He's very protective of his twin sister Alice. His music isn't like normal teenage boys,he doesn't listen to rap or pop or any of that shit. He listens to rock, metal, and punk. He doesn't care what people think of him, but when it comes to his sister, you better fuck off.

Meet Alice:

She's a quiet 17 year old. She's not so much shy like her twin, but she finds it awkward to meet new people. She's also really caring, sweet and is more down to earth than anything. She's "emo" but she likes her look. She doesn't let people walk all over her and boss her around she stands her ground for what she believes in. She's got fiery redish/orange hair that she dyed. Her eyes are a brilliant blue, but they've got grey hidden in them. Her ears are stretched, but her tongue isn't pierced. Her belly button is. She doesn't listen to the One Direction or Justin Bieber shit people call 'music'. she listens to metal, rock, punk, and alternative. Her and Alex are the best of friends. And without him, she'd be long gone.

And now Andy. But if you're reading this you're obviously a fan of BVB so I'm sure you know who he is.

And now, you've meet the characters. Enjoy the upcoming chapters and enjoy this story.


Hey all! So this is a Black veil brides Fan Fiction! I really hope you enjoy this. This I my first fanfiction posted so bare with me! There is a lot of sweating, a lot of fighting between some characters, and some scenes that may trigger people, an I wi warn you before each chapter.


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