Andy's Little Siblings

Alice and Alex are Andy Biersack's younger siblings. They're twins, actually. Andy, Alice and Alex have always been the best of friends, but when the twins were about 9, Andy broke out into a band, and didn't seem to have much time to sped with Alice and Alex. 8 years later, the twins now 17, Andy returns to Cincinnati for a few months before Black Veil Brides goes back on tour. What will happen between the twins and Andy? Will the sibling hatred return within the twins or will they forgive him? Will their mom and dad go to the extremes and send the twins to California with Andy? Or will the Biersack Family corrupt?

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2. Chapter One:

Chapter One:

Alice's POV

I was sitting on my bed, my legs crossed and my song journal in front of me as I chew on my pencil's eraser. Music is playing from my iHome, the band currently is Sleeping With Sirens, the song is 'Free Now'. I was thinking- excuse me, attempting to think of new lyrics. And lately, I haven't been able too. It's like my brain decided to just turn it's little switch to 'off' in the inspirational department. Throwing my pencil at the wall in frustration, I heard a faint knock at the front door. My twin, Alex, wasn't home at the moment and Mom and Dad were at work. I make myself get off my bed and head down the stairs, almost tripping due to my foot being asleep.

"I'll get it!!" I shout shout to the cat, who obviously can't answer the door anyways. I face the tall, black wooden door, and twist the golden knob, pulling the door open.

"Alice!!" The man explained, dropping his things to the wet concrete of the front patio, wrapping his long arms around my short and skinny body. I stand there, emotionless and still.

"Why the hell are you doing here?!" I question him. I roughly throw his arms off me, as mine fall limp to my sides. Why, out of all people did he have to show up here?! And why now!?

"I thought I'd stay at home for a few months before tour starts again. Ya know, catch up on everything," he shrugged then looked at me. "And I thought you'd be happy to see your older brother after a huge tour." He sounded hurt. Good. Because I have no feelings for him after he left me when I was 9. Just to tour with some stupid band he had formed.

"You thought wrong." I spat, marching away to my room, slamming the door. I blast my music louder, grab my phone and plop down on my bed.

How dare he think that after years of pain without him, I'd be 'excited' to see him! He was my brother, my bestfriend. And then he up and fucking leaves me, mom, dad, and Alex?

"Stupid fucking Black Veil Brides." I muttered to myself in anger. If Andy never formed that damn band, he would still be here. I'd still have my brother.

But no. Of course, shit has never gone my way and the next think I know, here comes the gazelle striding into my room like he owns the damn place.

"What the fuck Andy?!" I screech at him. Doesn't he know of knocking?

"Sorry. But you seriously need to show some respect towards me. I thought it'd be nice to have me back for a whole before I left again." Andy sounded almost broken. Him, broken? Please, he wouldn't know the term broken.

"Thought. Thought? Okay sure think whatever the hell you want but if you think I'm going to just accept you back into my life after you just returned home after 10 fucking years of nothing; no gifts on birthdays or Christmas, not even a phone call or card? Then you need to fucking rethink your scrawny little mind. Because you've got 10 years of my trust in you and respect for you to earn. Starting now until you leave. And if you don't even gain the littlest trust back, you'll be dead to me. For good." I spat at my brother, each word slowly stepping forward until my chest was pressed against his stomach(why the fuck is he so tall?!). Each word more forceful than the last.

"Fine," Andy sighed. "I'll try, but I'm only here for about 5 months. I promise you, Alice, there wasn't a day that went past in those years when I thought about you, mom, dad and Alex. Or how much I wanted to be home to protect you from boys and watch you grow up. Tomorrow, and I mean tomorrow, I'm cancelling any plans and me and you are having a brother-sister outing. Despise your protests this is happening." Andy swore. In his voice I could hear the determination in his voice.

"Fine. But I refuse to go to that diner down the road." I said. Andy knew why, and it was obvious. That diner was the last place he took me before he up and left.

"Will do sis. Will do." He simply nodded and walked out of my bedroom.

"And Alice?" He questioned down the hall.


"I've missed you." He said and stomped down the stairs. I flopped down on my black sheets, grabbing my phone and texting Cody.

To: Coooddddyyyyyy

Dude, guess who just fucking showed up.

From: Coooddddyyyyyy


To: Coooddddyyyyyy


From: Coooddddyyyyyy

I'll be there in 10.

I read the last text and once again blasted music. This time, the angry screams of Oliver Sykes filled my room as I get up and slam my door, then unlocking my window. Cody doesn't usually come over at night but when he does it's through my window. Mom and dad don't really care though.


30 minutes later


After Cody got to my house, he sat on my bed and I sat next to him, explaining everything from before he showed up at the door until he arrived. I cried. And cried. And he just held me. He knows about my past, about how he left. And how I self harmed as almost died in a car accident because I was driving to Cody's when I was crying. Yeah, not my best decision.

"Shh, Ali. It's okay. I promise you. Tomorrow we can have a day to ourselves with music and movies and whatever else you wanna do." Cody suggested. I stiffened. I forgot to mention that Andy was taking me out.

"I can't... Andy wants to take me out to catch up.." I said sadly. I would soo rather be with Cody than my asshole of a brother. An cause I kinda like Cody but whatever.

"Oh.. Well then I'm staying here tonight. And then tomorrow after your sister-brother whatever, you come over to my house and we'll spend the whole night ad the next day together okay?" He smiled at me, a smile that made me melt. I simply nodded, not trusting my voice as I relaxed in his arms, lying down on a pillow. I realised the music was still playing softly in the background, and playing now was Aftermath by Adam Lambert. I remembered I covered this song, but never put it anywhere. Oh well, different story for another time....

I felt safe with Cody. He was my security blanket. My pillow, my shoulder to cry on, my best friend, and my crush. He always knew what to say to make me feel better and made sure I was okay when I felt down or I got hurt. He was always there to support me, whatever it was. Even when I dated Seth, Cody was always there...

I felt my hair being slightly tugged on, snapping me out of my thoughts. I roll over a little to see Cody playing with my hair, his stormy grey eyes blaring into my electric blue ones. I smile at him then roll back over, making myself comfy in this embrace. His arm draped around me, and I quickly feel my eyes droop. My vision slowly blurring and all to quickly becoming a sea of blackness, aka dreamland....

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