imagines {5sos}

so these are imagines I have written. they are 100% mine.


3. Michael Imagine

"No this isn't what I wanted

Never thought it'd come this far

Thinkin' back to where we started

And how we lost all that we are"

It wasn't expected. It had happened. Michael, whom you thought was the love of your life had just dumped you.

You two had been fighting a lot for the past three weeks and this time it had gotten out of hand.

He went all the way and completely left you. It was all so sudden it took to a while to realize what he had just said.

You were best friends since the both of you could remember and it hurt to lose him just like that.

"We were young and times were easy

But I could see it's not the same

Standing here but you don't see me

Give it all for that to change

I don't want to lose her

Don't want to let her go"

Michael couldn't even believe himself that he had just broken up with you.

He knew you both were so happy, you both had so much fun together, until the fights started.

He wished he could see you again just so he could fix it.

He'd lay up at night thinking about how he would change it all.

The other boys noticed his depression. They missed you, but he missed you the most.

He missed holding you whilst you slept. He always thought you were so beautiful when you were asleep.

He missed you in his arms.

"Standing out in the rain

Need to know if it's over

Cause I would leave you alone

I'm flooded with all this pain

Knowing that I'll never hold her

Like I did before the storm"

Both of you had a lot of those 'cry yourself to sleep' nights.

But that's the only way the both of you could understand what happened.

You needed each other, but you also needed your space. It was a confusing thing.

You both wanted to call or text each other, but couldn't get yourselves to do it. It hurt to much just to hear each other's voices.

All you wanted was to be with each other again, to laugh, to hold, to just enjoy each other's presence like before.

"With every strike of lightning

Comes a memory that lasts

Not a word is left unspoken

As the thunder starts to crash

Maybe I should give up"

The littlest things would remind you of each other.

A post on Facebook, a picture on Instagram, the fans constantly tweeting about you both.

Of course you could see that he would indirectly talk about you on twitter.

It upset you to see him hurt, but it upset him to see you hurt.

Sometimes you've wondered that it would be easier just to leave it all.

"I'm trying to keep the lights from going out

And the clouds from ripping out my broken heart

They always say a heart is not a home

Without the one who gets you through the storm"

Michael would perform his heart out. Missing you with every word he sings.

You would write down your feelings. Missing him with every word you write.

Both with broken hearts having a hard time being healed.

But they are slowly easing up on the pain.

Of course you both still wanted each other, you've both been through hard times with each other.

You were best friends.

"Standing out in the rain

Knowing that it's really over

Please don't leave me alone

I'm flooded with all this pain

Knowing that I'll never hold ya

Like I did before the storm


Like I did before the storm"

It wasn't expected. It had just happened. Michael, whom you loved for so long, there he stood.

You both just stared at each other. All those memories flooded back to each of you.

You craved each other's touch. All the pain and heartbreak came back. Tears brimmed both of your eyes.

You ran to each other. Hugged each other as tight as possible.

You buried your face in his chest as you both let the tears poor.

He held the back of your head close to him, he never wanted to forget how to you felt.

He was the one that you wanted to be with forever.

You were the one he wanted to be with forever.

'Everyone wants happiness, no one wants pain. But you can't have a rainbow without a little rain.'

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