imagines {5sos}

so these are imagines I have written. they are 100% mine.


1. Luke Imagine Part 1.

It was about 11pm. You could feel the drums from the basement. Your brother, Michael and his band, decided to have band practice at this time of night. You were tired and needed to sleep because you had school the next day. You could hear the guitar and the vocals beginning vocals. You were tired but you could make out that it was Luke singing. You didn’t know the song, but you could hear the words, and they were quite said. You knew that Luke’s ex girlfriend had just broken up with him, reasons; unknown to you. You did enjoy the music, but you needed to sleep. You walked downstairs to the basement. You creaked open the door and poked your head in. They didn’t see you; they were too into the music. You smiled and entered the room. You leaned up against the wall watching them ‘perform.’ You didn’t intrude right away; you let them finish the song before clapping your hands. They all looked over to you unaware that you were even in the room.

“You know, I do love your guys’ music. But not when I have to get up early the next day,” you stated, smiling. Luke gave you a half smile before looking down at the ground. Poor kid, he didn’t deserve heartbreak.

“Sorry (Y/N),”Michael said putting down his guitar and walking over to you. They all followed close behind headed back up the stairs. They all apologized but you forgave them, because they didn’t know. You all went into the kitchen to get something to eat/drink. You all chatted and laughed, but Luke seemed a bit quiet, so you thought of a question.

“Luke, what song was that? The one you were singing before I came downstairs?” You asked in a polite manner. He looked up at you and rubbed the back of his neck. He sighed as all the guys looked at him worriedly.

“Ah, uh. It’s called ‘If You Don’t Know.’,” he looked back down at the ground. You nodded. It had become silent. No one said anything, until you decided to fake stretch, “Well guys, I should be headed to bed,” you said. They all said their good nights, you then hugged your brother goodnight, and headed up the stairs. You stopped mid flight when you heard a voice behind you. It was Luke.

“Hey, (Y/N). You know about Lexi, right?” Lexi was his ex that had just broke up with him. You nodded and faced Luke.

“Well, that song was kind of about her. I just-“ he sighed.

“I don’t know what I’m feeling. I’m angry, I’m hurt, I’m sad. I just can’t explain it. And I can’t talk about it with the guys, because they are guys.” His eyes were welled up with tears. You sat on the stair and patted the open spot next to you. He sat beside you and put his head in his hands. He just let the tears poor. It was heartbreaking, no one ever deserves this. You wrapped you arm around his shoulder and pulled him closer to you. He laid his head in the crook of your neck and cried. You could feel his hot tears on your skin. You rubbed his shoulder. You told him that it will get better and he will get over her. She was terrible for breaking up with him for whatever reason. She didn’t deserve him. These things seemed to calm him down. His face was all red and puffy now, from the crying. He looked up at you as you gave him a smile. He gave a weak smile before you said,

“Hey, I have a great way of getting you on your feet. How about we go for some ice cream tomorrow when I get done with school?” You smiled at him. He smiled and agreed to it. He stood back up and left an open hand to help you back up. Once you stood up you were surprised with a hug. He held you tightly as you hugged him back. He whispered in your ear,

“Thank you so much. You are a great friend.” You nodded and let go walking back up the stairs. “Goodnight Luke,” you whispered.

Friend. That’s all that you were. A friend.

AN: so sorry if your name is Lexi. If it is you can change the ex girlfriends name to WHATEVER you want. J ps part 2? Maybe??

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