imagines {5sos}

so these are imagines I have written. they are 100% mine.


2. Calum Imagine

"So," the interviewer began. "Ashton, we've recently heard that your sister (Y/N) and close band mate, Calum, have broken up. Could you explain why?"

His smile had turn to a more serious face. He hated talking about your's and Calum's relationship, but since that Calum wasn't there for the interview, he kind of expected the question to be asked. He shifted in his seat. His lips formed as if he was about to speak, but he couldn't find the right words. Michael rubbed his back, knowing it is a sensitive subject to talk about. He sighed, "Well, the reason they broke up is not my place to tell. But I can tell you both of them still love each other very much and they both miss each other dearly." Michael and Luke nodded in agreement. The reason that Calum and you broke up was because, he couldn't balance time for you and the band. Which you understood one hundred percent, but it still killed both of you.

"Are you absolutely sure you can't tell us why they broke up?" The interviewer practically begged. Ashton was irritated by this constant beg for an answer. He put on a fake smile and just said, "it was for the best." The interviewer was a tad shocked by this answer.

"Was it really for the best?" They asked. Ashton was riled up. He was tired lying for you both. Everyone deserved to know what happened. Everyone knows that they've been lying, no one can take heartbreak so easily, EVER.

"Actually no. It wasn't for the best. They are both very miserable. They hate being away from each other," Ashton begins. Michael and Luke get wide eyed. "I hate coming home late and checking up on (Y/N) and seeing her sleeping on her side of the bed whilst the other side is completely empty. I hate seeing Calum sit in the back, trying to hold back tears whilst he's asked about her. I hate having both of them come to my crying, saying that they miss each other. I hate seeing them this way. Luke and Michael should agree. It's just so upsetting." Ashton is practically steaming from his ears. Luke and Michael both nod. They also hated it.

"One time, we were hanging out at Ashton's and I was in the kitchen and I heard crying coming from (Y/N)'s room. So I went to check on her, well she was laying on her bed and when she saw me she just ran to me crying even harder. She kept saying 'I miss him so much. I don't know what to do anymore.' It almost broke my heart." Luke said.

"Calum and I were getting food one day, and he started asking me for advice. Like he said 'I get lonely at night. I miss her so much, but I don't know what to say to her or what to do. Could you help me?' I told him that he needed to balls up and just talk to her, but he never did." Michael continued.

Hearing these things had Ashton in tears. He hated seeing both of you so upset but neither getting enough courage to talk to each other. He wanted to help, but he didn't know how. I mean this is his little sister and best friend for crying out loud.

They finished the interview and went back to the hotel they were currently staying at. They met back up with Calum.

"So, how did the interview go?" He asked.

"It went well," Ashton smiled. "I got a lot off my chest."

Calum looked confused, he looked at Michael. Michael just shrugged as Luke almost died of laughter.

This really confused Calum. He pulled out his phone and opened google. He looked up 5SOS interviews for that day. Luckily he found it right away for it was just posted moments ago. He watched it and almost gave up finding out what was said until he heard your name and asking why you both broke up. He listened to what the three others had to say. Listening to what was said hurt him, like a ton of bricks fell on his heart smashing it to pieces. Tears fell from his face hearing about how upset you were. He couldn't bear it any longer. He locked his phone and curled up into a ball and cried. The three other boys came over to him and sat around him. They listened to his sobs, crying out for you. But that's when the idea popped in his head, he calmed himself down and grabbed his phone. He unlocked it and opened messages. He clicked on your name and began to type. "So, did you see the interview from today?"

You replied almost instantly. Just seeing that he had texted brought a spring of hope inside of you. "Yeah. I did." You did see it. It was upsetting. You cried right as they brought up the question, and continued until the interview was over. You really sincerely missed him.

He texted back within seconds of your message, "So, are all those things true?"

"Yes. I miss you."

"I really miss you."

"Why did we break up?"

"I don't know. But whatever reason it was, it doesn't matter anymore. I want to be with you."

You didn't know how to respond. That scared Calum. He awaited your reply. For what it seems like hours was only a few seconds.

"Come and see me."

But this was kind of a problem due to the fact that he is in New York and you're clear in Los Angeles. But that didn't stop him.

He needed to see you, to hug you, to breathe you. You both needed to be with each other.

"I'll be there shortly."

This surprised you, how was he going to see you? He couldn't just leave. But that's where you were wrong. A few hours later you heard a knock from your front door. You ran to the door and opened it to reveal Calum. The boy that had won you're heart. The boy whom you couldn't live without. He stood there at your front door, just to see you. You smiled and jumped into his arms tears running down your face. He wrapped his arms around you holding you tight. He was also crying. You both stayed like that for a long time, until you finally let go.

"I missed you so much," you cry out.

"I've missed you," he smiles whilst wiping away your tears.

You both once again are wrapped around each other, hugging and crying just enjoying each other company.

You pulled apart as both of your foreheads became connected. You both smiled as he leaned closer. Both of your lips interlocking with each other happy to finally meet once again.

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