Dustland Fairytale

Do you wander who talks to you in your head? I sure as hell do. Who counsels you through hard times and lets you feel what its like to be human. Amelia finds hers an the most unexpected ways.


1. prologue

The human mind can only take so much wry humor Amelia! If only you would actually pay attention in class instead of thinking you already know everything. I shook my head to order myself, and my conscience, to shut the fuck up. My mind clouds up constantly with possible scenarios, often with ones leading to drastic life changing errors; people say its schizophrenia but personally I think its because Im just a little bit smarter than my brain knows. I have trouble piecing together things sometimes. Like, for example, what I look like. Yes, I know Im a half Korean 19 year old female with short brown hair with side bangs and that today Im wearing a long sleeved goodwill sweater with skinny jeans and flats that complement my tiny figure. Im also aware of my winged eyeliner that I wore on my hooded eyes. But for some reason, he makes me forget everything. He drowns my voices out with his own. I am indeed a hopeless romantic, and I think it shows since Im talking about a boy who just asked me if I needed a rude home since Im sitting in the pouring rain waiting for the damn bus.

"Im Harry, and Im not a pervert or anything but I would hate to leave you in the rain waiting for a bus to get you home when I have plenty room in my car".

He was so confusingly perfect. it was just the way his shoulder length curls flopped over his greens that complemented his dimples and visible tattoos. I was going to gently say no but my mind argued. Do it. Say yes.

"I would be grateful, my name is Amelia." I was covering my nerves with a frail smile.

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