Martha and Crystal have never seen the ocean and finally get to go to see the ocean at age 12. Martha and Crystal find out they are trapped underwater and the evil spirits are why. The Mermish city of Atlantis is planning to get the evil spirits to die. Due to the evil spirits dying they all would get complete freedom. But the evil spirits are very powerful and have lived forever which means they are very wise. The Mermish have to get Crystal and Martha back before school starts and they get a lot of attention. But this isn't a normal adventure for the Mermish when their memories fade away.


6. Trapped

 Crystal and Martha swam as fast as they could to see how far they could go. They kept swimming until they got to a city underwater and they were surrounded by mermen and mermaids. 

 The mercity was colorful and pretty. They stared at the beautiful Atlantis looking place. They looked for a while then they saw how everyone had their families with them and they swam up to the top. When they got to the top they saw that they were trapped inside the ocean; Martha and Crystal hit the ocean top and couldn't get through! It was a solid substance underneath the ocean top.

 The ocean sucked them onto the ocean floor and they saw that the rest of the Mermish were not trying to escape but glaring at them like they were crazy.

 Martha and Crystal swam as fast as they could to the giant structure in the middle of the Mermish city. They burst through the doors of the building and pulled the nicest person they saw aside to ask them many questions and hopefully they would get many answers they were looking for.

 Once they caught a nice Mermaid that looked professional and like she was their age, she had bright baby blue hair and a beautiful outfit with the perfect amount of sparkles and a pretty color to complement her hair and dark, deep, blue eyes. 

 Martha and Crystal started nice, easy friendly questions. Martha told her,"Hi, my name's Martha and this is Crystal. We are new to this whole Mermaid thing; do you mind helping us with that?"

 The mermaid replied,"My name's Coral and welcome to the Mermish fun of life. Do you have any questions about it? I'm an introducer for the Mermish city of Atlantis. So luckily for you I am trained for this kind of thing."  Crystal and Martha already thought this looked like the lost city of Atlantis. Crystal asked, "Well, we wanted to know how to escape the ocean to go back to having feet and legs. We want to see our parents again; you see we now found out why our parents wouldn't let us even see the ocean."

 Coral looked like she wasn't surprised at all how they thought she would be, she responded after very little thinking and what looked like with ease,"Well I once was in your situation and was very worried about it also, I was six years old and lived about near the middle of New York and loved to swim. I was the best swimmer in my age and was entered in an Olympic swimming contest and they wanted to do something 'new and fresh' to do. So we swam down here and picked up as many waterproof lanterns as we could and bring them to the top in one breath and see who had the most lanterns. I dove in and noticed I had a tail, but thought I was just hallucinating the tail and grabbed them all quickly. 

 "I saw I couldn't get up and couldn't compete because I was trapped; I came here and found out the evil spirits have trapped every Mermish everywhere underwater." Martha and Crystal were astonished that they were trapped and could never see their parents ever again. Then Coral spoke again in her soft, beautiful, voice,"You will be fine and safe if you register yourselves as mermaids and get a home and somewhere to work. I would've happy to help you as long as you make the right choices that I will tell you."

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