Martha and Crystal have never seen the ocean and finally get to go to see the ocean at age 12. Martha and Crystal find out they are trapped underwater and the evil spirits are why. The Mermish city of Atlantis is planning to get the evil spirits to die. Due to the evil spirits dying they all would get complete freedom. But the evil spirits are very powerful and have lived forever which means they are very wise. The Mermish have to get Crystal and Martha back before school starts and they get a lot of attention. But this isn't a normal adventure for the Mermish when their memories fade away.


4. The Trip

 Martha was woken up by her parents and she was glad to finally go to the ocean. She quickly packed and got ready then she hopped into the car and they drove away. They got there slowly and to Martha it felt like forever until they got there, but when they finally got there she saw the beautiful ocean and saw it was worth the wait.

 She felt the sweet smelling breeze against her face, she saw a pretty palm tree that made the scene unforgettable and she thought if she saw the sunset on the shore it would be the best thing ever. She thought nothing could top this vacation.

 She turned around, seeing her parents talking to another family. She decided to go and join them. Martha recognized something familiar about the family, then she saw a girl join the family. It was Crystal! They were overjoyed to see each other. Their parents were talking about them going to the same hotel called Ocean Shore and they could see each other for the rest of vacation.

 Martha was so excited that nothing happened to Crystal and that she was able to spend the rest of vacation with her new best friend. 

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