Martha and Crystal have never seen the ocean and finally get to go to see the ocean at age 12. Martha and Crystal find out they are trapped underwater and the evil spirits are why. The Mermish city of Atlantis is planning to get the evil spirits to die. Due to the evil spirits dying they all would get complete freedom. But the evil spirits are very powerful and have lived forever which means they are very wise. The Mermish have to get Crystal and Martha back before school starts and they get a lot of attention. But this isn't a normal adventure for the Mermish when their memories fade away.


2. School

 Martha and Crystal found out they were in the same class, their teacher was Mr. Jendaffy. Martha told Crystal how weird Mr. Jendaffy was, he had the class pet, a hamster named Jinx, because Mr. Jendaffy ate the hamster's food. 

 They entered their classroom marked room 15 and saw their sixth grade teacher eating hamster food. Crystal cleared her throat to let him know people were staring at him weirdly and then they took their seats next to each other. 

 Mr. Jendaffy said loudly in a rough, cracky voice," This is Crystal Serb, she is new in our school so everyone say hi to her and make her feel at home." 

 He taught them Math, Miss Ann taught English, Mrs. Dahlia taught Social and Science, and Mrs. Cadence Spanish,  then they lined up for lunch and both of them had packed a lunch because it was Mr. Jendaffy's rule to let him go first and he always would spit hamster food into their lunches in line when he talked to the cooks.

They sat down at an empty table when a mean girl named Whitney snorted and said meanly," My friends and I need to sit in a big space together." Martha looked around and couldn't find anywhere else for anyone to sit. So she said, "There's no more room anywhere, we can share, Whitney."

 It was a gloomy lunch after that. Crystal and Martha were uncomfortable and didn't say anything the rest of lunch. The bell rang which meant they had to eat and leave to go to their class. They left and got taught Phy. Ed. and Technology. 

 At the end of the day they rode home and talked some more,"Why is Mr. Jendaffy so.... weird?" Asked Crystal. Martha quickly replied,"No one knows." They kept talking about Mr. Jendaffy until Martha got off and they said their goodbyes.

 Martha ran inside and told her parents about Crystal and did her homework and then went to sleep.

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