Martha and Crystal have never seen the ocean and finally get to go to see the ocean at age 12. Martha and Crystal find out they are trapped underwater and the evil spirits are why. The Mermish city of Atlantis is planning to get the evil spirits to die. Due to the evil spirits dying they all would get complete freedom. But the evil spirits are very powerful and have lived forever which means they are very wise. The Mermish have to get Crystal and Martha back before school starts and they get a lot of attention. But this isn't a normal adventure for the Mermish when their memories fade away.


1. The New Girl

Martha Marie had just woken up and was looking at her achievements that plastered the wall so it was covered with awards. Martha had many achievements for a twelve year old. Martha and her parents lived in a small town in the middle of Maine. They were like any other normal family for most of the time. 

 This wasn't going to be one of those normal family vacations families plan, they were going to the right most side of Maine to go to the beach and adventure into the ocean. Martha had never seen the ocean. Her parents never took her to the ocean and she didn't know why. 

 They were going to leave to go to the east of Maine in exactly two days during spring vacation. Martha was excited and hoped the week would go by fast.

 Packed up and ready to go to school, after quickly brushing her chestnut hair, Martha was hopping on the bus that takes her to school but she thought something was different about the school bus passengers. 

 She usually sat alone, but today she sat next to a girl with long, curly, blonde hair and was quite tall, she had lots of pink and green on her short sleeve shirt and long, black, leggings. Martha saw a pink flower that was perfectly placed in her hair. 

 It was really boring on the bus because Martha didn't have any friends. She wanted to have a friend for so long that she couldn't help but try to make this new girl her best friend. Martha struggled to say somethings she tried to say. It took her a while to finally say hi while she was making a pros and cons list when she thought, whatever, she's bored and so am I, why not just say it? 

 Martha said," Hi, my name's Martha, what's your name?" The girl replied happily," My name's Crystal Serb and I am new at this school. I am twelve years old and am really bored right now on this bus. I don't have any friends because they think I'm weird just because I'm a foreign exchange student. Wow, that came out a bit weird now that I'm saying it aloud." Martha replied with ease this time," I could be your friend, I don't have any because I am not in a normal family." They both laughed and talked the rest of the way.

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