A Little Bit Out Of My Limit

Charlie Rhoades is every parents dream child. She was a honor student and is now attending Harvard to become a doctor. She studies every chance she has, unless she's working her job at the local coffee shop.

Luke Hemmings is living every teenagers dream. He's part of an internationally famous band and every girl dreams to be with him. He spends almost all his time in the spotlight, though he tries to escape from it as often as he can.

Luke finds Charlie on one of his days off and wants he instantly. But what if she's a little to out of his limit? Will he be able to get her?


1. Bump Into You

I raced back to my dorm, trying to get past all the Freshmen finding their way. I hated the first week of classes. I was only a Sophomore but I had known my way around Harvard since I was five. I darted through the doorway of my building and sprinted up the steps. I burst through the door and headed straight to my closet.


"Charlie? Is that you?" I found my work shirt and grabbed a pair of pants to go with it. I turned around to see my roommate, Piper, staring at her computer. She turned to look at me, her glasses falling off her nose. "Are you going to work already? It's only the second day of school."


"Yeah, Marty's short on people so he asked if I could come in." She nodded at this, understanding why I took the shift.


"Well have fun at work, I'll leave the door unlocked for you."


"Thank you." I waved to her then grabbed my purse and left. I headed out to the bus stop, hoping it would be on time for once. I popped in my headphones and waited. The bus pulled up surprisingly on time and everyone boarded. I took a seat by the window and let my mind wander freely.


The bus stopped and I get off, heading towards the coffee shop. Cravings Cafe was one of Boston's most popular coffee shop and it was probably the greatest place to work. The ten minute bus ride was totally worth it. I spotted the big C sign hanging up ahead and I could feel myself smiling. I had really missed this place while I was back home. I was too busy staring at the sign, that I didn't see a boy step in front of me. I ran straight into him, smacking my lip off his back.


"I'm sorry." He turned around and smiled at me. He was pretty cute but he had a lip piercing.


"No, it's fine. Why were you so distracted?" He said back in a perfect Australian accent.


"I'm running late for work. Here's my stop." I slipped away from him, heading into the coffee shop. I walked behind the counter and slipped on my apron. I punched in and walked over to the cash register to help out.


"Welcome back Charlie!" Marty yelled from the very back of the store. I waved to him, then started waiting on customers.


The night flew by fairly fast. We were busy as usual but it was nice to have my mind off of school. The stress of the new year was already setting in and it was only the second day. By the time I looked at the clock, it was already 9:50. We only had ten minutes left and place was clearing out. Suddenly a familiar face stepped up to the register.


"Welcome to Cravings Cafe, what are you craving today?" I repeated our greeting, trying not to laugh from the cheesiness.


"Hey, you're the girl that ran into me! So this is where you were headed in such a hurry?" God he was so cute. He was playing his lip ring and it was so attractive.


"Yep, sorry about running into you again. My bus was late as usual and I hate being late."


"It's no big deal. I'm Luke by the way." He smiled his gorgeous smile again, causing my heart to race.


"I'm Charlie. Now are you ordering something, cause we're about to close?"


"Yeah, can I have cafe mocha? And can I take you out sometime?"


"Yes, and excuse me? Are you really asking me out at work?" I put in his order and my co-worker, Maggie, began to make it.


"Yes, I am. Come on, let me take you out? Tomorrow night?"


"I can't, sorry." He looked disappointed by this. I handed him his cup and he took it quickly.


"Have a nice night." He waved as he exited, the bell ringing behind him. We clicked off the Open sign and started cleaning at record speed. We finished at exactly 10:15. I ran outside, hoping to catch the bus. I made it to the stop just in time to see the bus fly by.


"No! Stop! Wait!" I yelled after it but it was no use. I stood there, trying to figure out how i was going to get back to campus.


"Do you need a ride?" I didn't even have to look to see that it was the same boy from earlier.


"Were you waiting for me?" I stood up, looking at him suspiciously.


"No, I had a meeting at Teddy's. My car's parked over there." He pointed around the corner.


"Okay, I'll take that ride. But only because I'm desperate."


"Great, let's get going then." I followed him to a black hummer with tinted windows. He unlocked it and I hopped in immediately.


"So do you live here? In Boston?" I asked him while I fiddled with the radio.


"No, I'm just staying here for a little for work. So where am I taking you?"


"Harvard, take a left up here."


"Harvard? Well I've got a smarty pants with me." I laughed at this and he smiled in return.


"Yeah, I guess." I shrugged at this, not sure what to say.


"So what about that date?"


"Why do you want to go out with me so badly?"


"Because you're pretty and you're not like most girls I meet. Come on, just give me a chance."


"Fine, I'll go on a date with you. Tomorrow night, around 7?"


"Sounds good, I'll pick you up then." He followed my directions to my building and we pulled up in front. He got out of the car before I could and opened my door for me.


"Thank you." He walked me to the door and waited.


"I'll see you tomorrow. I'll meet you here. And here's my number." He he handed me a piece of paper on it with sloppy handwriting.


"Well goodnight."


"Goodnight." He kissed me on the cheek and got in his car and left. I slide my ID in the door and headed upstairs to my room. I walked in and flopped down on the bed with a sigh.


"Long night?" Piper looked up from her computer with curiosity in her eyes.


"Kind of. I have a date tomorrow night."


"What?" Her eyes widened. I couldn't blame her. I normally didn't waste time with boys. It wasn't part of the plan right now.


"He even drove me home. He's so cute." I moaned at this.


"Stop focusing on the plan! Go have fun with him tomorrow night. You deserve a little break. One day won't stop you from becoming a doctor. Now relax and go to sleep."


I sat there staring at the ceiling, picture Luke in my mind. He was just so perfect looking, how was it possible to look that good? I was excited to see him again but a little scared. It was my first date, hopefully it went well.


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