Through the dark

Kari is a eighteen year old girl who got abused every day one day she had enough and ran away the next thing she new was she met someone special one direction fan fiction.


3. telling Niall what happened

Kari's p.o.v.

I sat up straight and tall and started to tell him. "Well ever since my mom died a year ago my dad kept on abusing me." He saw all of my bruises and cuts. " so as I was saying he hurt so bad I was tired of it so I ran away." I showed him my bruised stomach. He gasped with hate in his eyes. I got scared a little when I saw his face. Then he saw me " don't be scared I am mad at you're father not you." Niall said. Okay? He said. I started to go back to normal. Then he said come on, come with me. I stood up and took a step and screamed my head off. He ran to me. "What's wrong?" He said.

"Well my dad He umm he started to kick my ankle then punched it. Then I started to run to the park." "Its nothing really I can try." Then I started to walk. Fell on the mulch. He lifted me up and carried me to his flat. "Thank you for carrying me here." "It was nothing you barely weigh anything."Niall said "Well I barely even ate at my dad's house." "Wow he said that's cold" I didn't know someone could do that." He said with anger in his eyes.

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