Through the dark

Kari is a eighteen year old girl who got abused every day one day she had enough and ran away the next thing she new was she met someone special one direction fan fiction.


1. running away

Kari's p.o.v

KARI GET DOWN HER RIGHT NOW!! I came down not knowing he would abuse me (how stupid of me) WERE WERE YOU LAST NIGHT!? My dad said I-I was at Jen's house working on a project I said. YOU'RE GROUNDED! what's new I yelled. he came over to me and smacked me right in the face super hard. I screamed super loud. He came over to me and started to kick me right in the stomach. I screamed as loud as I could. Then he punched me right in the nose, eye, stomach. I started to cry Then he kicked me in the ankle which I felt it brake. I stood up and ran even though It hurt so bad on my ankle then I tripped and rolled my ankle I quickly stood up and ran then I looked at my phone it was 12:30 am I went to a nearby park at sat on the bench and quickly fell asleep.

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