Through the dark

Kari is a eighteen year old girl who got abused every day one day she had enough and ran away the next thing she new was she met someone special one direction fan fiction.


4. going to Niall's flat

Niall's p.o.v

I still can't believe someone could do that to a young lady that is so beautiful. "Mom I'm back!" I yelled. "Where we're you Niall?" My mom said " I was at the park." I said. "Thank goodness I was worried sick about you." Mom said. "Who is this." Mom said sweetly. "She umm." " what is your name?" I whispered. "My name is Kari." " Her name is Kari." I said " That is a wonderful name Kari." Mom said. "My name is is Niall Horan." I said. " you may know me from one direction." I told Kari. " nope. I don't know you from one direction." "Really?" I said. "No my dad never let me do anything but sit in a room on a phone which I didn't like at all." "That's horrible!" my mom and I said at the same time. "Come on let's get you into some clothes." My mom said.

So she got into some clothes and she warped her hair in a high bun.

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