Love Triangle


3. Chapter Three

I walked into school on my second day and walked right up to Rebekah. "Hey Rebekah! Whats up?"

"Oh hey Kat! You wanna walk to class together?" She asked I nodded, "Good! I need to ask you something! Will you join cheer leading?"

"Cheer leading? You're asking me to join cheer leading?" I asked and she nodded, "I would love too! I have missed cheer so much! I used to be the captain of my schools old cheer leading team!"

"Terrific! Tryouts are right after school!" She said and we went to class. We sat together during lunch and right before lunch ended Rebekah and I went to the library because she needed to tell me something secret. "Kathrine, flirt with Caleb Blackwood like no other. Do anything you can to turn him on. Also...."

"Hey babe. We should do something later." I said and winked. Caleb looked confused and I went and sat down at my seat in the back of class. He watched me walk there and I turned around and blew him a kiss. I had no idea why I was doing just that Rebekah told me to and so I was. During Art we went into the room again and we went a little farther than last time. Then after school I went to cheer tryouts and after Rebekah came up to me.

"So how was Math and Art?" She asked and I shrugged, "Did you do anything?? Because if you did you have to tell me!"

"I flirted like crazy and he did exactly as you said he would." I said and she high-fived me. "He was really confused and during art we went a little farther than yesterday."

"You are the best spy ever! Now you need to get into his office and look through his desk. Make sure he doesn't catch you. You need to see what he has in his drawers and once you find them I will explain everything to you." She said and left me to do what she wanted me to do. So I sneaked into his room and looked through his drawers. I found some pretty insane stuff for a teacher. He has stakes, holy water, a mini crossbow, a vile with a werewolf poison label on it and all sorts of craziness. I heard the door handle move so I shut the drawer and sat on his desk.

"Hey Blackwood. Wanna have some fun?" I asked and walked right up to him and locking the door. He picked me up and pushed me up against the wall. Then we were on his desk. His shirt was off and so was mine. He started to unbutton my pants and soon both of out pants were gone. Then we were on the floor. All of a sudden we here the door trying to open. I quickly grabbed clothes and threw them on and he did the same. I hid under his desk and he answered the door. It was the principal. I tried to stay and quiet as possible. They just talked about school stuff and she didn't even ask why the door was locked. After about 15 or so minutes she left and I came out from under the desk.

"Well that was a close one." He said sighing and sat on a table. "Why were you even in here in the first place? I mean this was suppose to end. Wasn't it?"

"Why would you want it to end? I've been having so much fun with you," I said walking closer and closer to him until I was in between his legs, "Do you want it to end? Because I don't. I love you and I love to spend quality time with you. Why would we stop what were doing?" I kissed him and he grabbed onto me. I had my hands on his legs and he had his hands tangled in my hair. Then Rebekah came in.

"Oh hey there you are Kat! I knew I would find you in here!" She said coming up to us. We stopped kissing as soon as she came in. "And hello Mr.Blackwood. How are you?" He said he was fine and she smiled. "Well we better get going if you want to meet my brothers!" She grabbed my hand and started to pull me out. I looked back and him and he looked hurt and confused. Probably because I didn't listen to his email. But Rebekah isn't that bad. Shes just taken for granted

"So did you look in his desk?" Rebekah asked as we drove to her house, I nodded, "Would you like to know what all of the stuff is for or are you too afraid?"

"I want to know! What the heck is he doing with Werewolf Venom and wooden stakes?" I asked confused as heck.

"Your little Teacher/boyfriend is a hunter. He hunts down people like my family and I." I looked at her even more confused than I was earlier. What does she mean by he hunts down people like her

"What do you mean? He kills people?" I asked and she shook her head. She glanced at me with an evil glare and a hint of sorrow. "Then what are you talking about?"

"I will tell you when we get to my house. My brothers will help explain it to you. We need you to do something for us." She said and left it at that. We sat in silence for a very long time. "Were here. My brothers are very excited to meet you." She drove up to a huge house. It was amazing! It looked old and fancy. Like it came from the 1600's or something! I was paying so much attention to the house that I didn't even notice the guy that came out. "Hello brother, this is Kathrine, the girl I was telling you about."

"Hello love, I'm Rebekah oldest and wisest brother, Klaus. I'm please to meet you." He smiled and kissed my and Rebekah just glared at him.

"Sure you're the oldest Klaus but you are not the wisest." Another guy came out and said to Klaus, "Hello, I am Elijah. It is very nice to meet you. Rebekah has told us all about you."

"I would say the same thing but the only thing I was told about either of you boys was your names and that you're her brother." I said disappointingly. "But you seem like great guys."

"Well thank you very much." Elijah said and nodded his head while Klaus only laughed, "Well would you like to come in and have dinner with us? We would like to talk to you about something." I shrugged and said sure and we went inside. We talked and laughed and got to know each other all through dinner. But at the end it took an unusual twist.

"Brother, sister why don't we skip the pleasantries and get straight to what we need?" Klaus said annoyed. Elijah nodded and they told me everything.

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