Love Triangle


6. Chapter Six

"Hey Elijah, will you do me a favor??" I asked him sheepily, he nodded, "Will you umm take me to the store??" He looked at me confused and then got what I was talking about, "I would have asked Rebekah if she was still around but shes not and my truck died a little while ago so I decided to ask you.."

"I understand I will take you." He smiled and grabbed his car keys and wallet, "But if I'm taking you were getting lunch for you too." He smiled and took me to the store and I got what I needed and then we went to Pier 424. It was an amazing resturant in the French Quarter on Bourbon Street! I got the Firecracker Calamari! It was delicious and I didn't pay attention to Elijahs order. I was to dazzled at the decorations! The whole place was gorgeous!

"So how did you like your food? Was it good?"

"It wasnt good at all. It was amazingly delcious! I loved the food and the place and everything!" I smiled and gave him a hug, "Thank you so much for the shopping and the lunch! You are an amazing friend!" He smiled at me and gave me a great big hug. I really dont get what everyones problem is with these guys! They're so sweet and amazing! Sure they have a darker side but the only side I have seen is their good side. And their good side is all I need to see to know that they wouldnt hurt me or do anything bad with me around.

"I heard about what happened with your father," He said all of a sudden, "And I want you to know that I will be here for you to talk to. And I will help you keep the curse from happening. I wont let anything bad happen to you. I promise." I gave him a humungous hug and said thank you before I went back up to my room.

"Dear Diary, Today has been really good, for the most part. Klaus made breakfast and took me to my house to get my clothes and my dad tried to attack him. Then after Klaus and I got back, he told me that was my dad was true. Klaus was a killer. At first I thought he was kidding so I started to laugh but he wasn't kidding. Not one bit. He told me everything. He told me about this Ripper guy, Stephen and how that was Klaus' fault that Stephen went all Ripper on the world and that he killed with no mercy. He also told me that every once in awhile he keeps Elijah and Rebekah in coffins when they dont do what he says. And still even after all he told me, I still like him. And after that stuff with Klaus, Elijah and I went to this little resturant called Pier 424. Its in the French Quarter on Bourbon Street. I had the Firecracker Calamari! It was amazingly delicious! Also Elijah took me to the store to get me something. And that something turned into a whole shopping spree. I got so many clothes now I dont know what to do with them. And he paid for everything! He even bought me a dress for mine and Klaus' dinner date saterday. Those two boys are pampering the crap out of me. They must want something. Or maybe they just actually want me around. I dont know and I dont care. I love these guys! They are awesome and I cant believe everyone hates them! Well thats all for now."

"Hey Kathrine!" Rebekah said as she walked into my room, "We need to talk. You have to stop with my brothers. You need to leave this house and never return. And I mean it." Then Klaus came in.

"Rebekah thats not a nice way to treat our guest here." He said calmly, "Now why do you want her to leave? Are you jealous that she has been getting Elijah and mines attention?"

"I am not jealous of her!" Rebekah snapped, "I just dont want her here anymore. Thats all. She doesnt belong here. She never will." Klaus stared at her and Rebekah cowered in his gaze.

"Rebekah, I am the one who is letting her stay here. I even got her a virvain bracelet today and I was just about to give it to her." Klaus held up a gorgeous leather bracelet. It has a wolf on it. It actually had two wolves on it. They were standing together looking up at a full moon. It was really pretty. He gave it to me and helped put it on. It fit perfectly. "Do you like it?"

"I love it!" I gave him a big huge hug and kissed him on the cheek, "Thank you so much Klaus. Its wonderful." Rebekah stomped away like a two year old and Klaus and I hung out. Elijah bought a tv for my room so we watched a movie and just hung out on my bed from 4pm to 6pm. Then we decided to get ready and go to dinner. I got in my dress and did my hair. My dress went past my feet so I had to wear heels with it. It was a gorgeous light blue with not too few and not to many rinestones. I fell in love with it right when I saw it in the store. I curled my hair and then put it up into a clip. The clip matched my dress. It was a light blue with beautiful designs on it. It took me about and hour and a half to get ready. I finally came out of my room and ran straight into Elijah.

"Oh hi Elijah! How do I look?" I spun around and he smiled.

"You look amazing," He smiled and spun me around again, "My brother is lucky to be going on a date with you." I smiled and went downstairs to wait for Klaus. But Klaus was already waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs. He grabbed my hand, kissed the back of it and then bowed.

"M'lady," Klaus said and smiled his award winning smile, "You look stunning tonight." I blushed and he led me out to a limo that was waiting for us in the driveway. He took me to this little restaurant called R'evolution. It was amazing. I had Gulf Shrimp and Grits.

"How is your food, love?"

"It is amazing!" I said and laughed, "Today has been fantastic! You are fantastic!" He laughed and we finished eating. Afterwards we went to the Lake Pontchartrain or something like that. It was really pretty. We were the only ones there. The moon was high in the sky. It made Klaus look so young sitting there in the lighting. He looked at me and laughed.

"Whats so funny?"

"You were just staring," He laughed and looked at me again.

"I was not staring! I was simply looking.." I blushed and looked away. He put his fingers under his chin and pushed it up so I was looking him in the eyes. My heart started to speed up and it was hard to breathe. His eyes were so amazing! "Your eyes are really pretty." I blurted all of a sudden. He laughed and let go of my chin.

"We should get going.." He said standing up and helping me to get up too, "You have school tomorrow. And try to be normal. No more staring at people." He laughed and that made me laugh. We drove home in a comfortable silence. When we got back he walked me to my room and gave me a kiss on the cheek goodnight. Then I got into my pajamas and fell fast asleep.

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