Love Triangle


7. Chapter Seven


"Hello?" I answered my phone groggily "Who is this?" It ended up to be my dad. He was freaking out. Saying that there was someone at the house and he needed my help. I could hear real panic in his voice so I got up and dressed as fast as I could. I took Klaus' car because he said it was okay if I take his car if I ever needed to go somewhere and my truck is still dead. When I got to my house the front door was wide open I heard a huge crash inside. I ran inside as fast as I could. When I got inside the person who broke in was waiting for me with an umbrella.

"Wakey Wakey! Eggs and Bakey!" I opened my eyes and saw a man hovering over me. He smiled when he saw my eyes open.

"Great! You're awake! Now my little wolf! I need you to do something for me!" He is way to happy to be a normal person. Wait! Did he just call me his little wolf! He cant know about me!

"Who are you? And where is my father!?" I demanded and he laughed. He was actually pretty hot. He has mocha skin and deep brown eyes. He was tall and wasn't tall at the same time. He was a normal height. He looked like he was only in his middle 20's maybe. He was kinda muscular too.

"All in good time." He smiled at me again and helped me stand on my feet, "I am Marcel. You have probably heard of me from your little Mikealson family. But you see, I haven't heard anything about you. So that must mean Nicklaus likes you and so does Elijah and Rebekah is only tolerating you because of them. So why don't I tell you everything I know about you? Shall I? Well you are a wolf but you haven't completed the transformation because you don't have someones blood on your hands. You have a thing with you Math/Art teacher Mr.Blackwood. You are bonding with the Mikealson brothers because you found out that your dad wasn't actually your dad. And because you found out you were a werewolf so you thought Klaus might help you. Also your mother kicked you out and she said she never loved you. Am I wrong?" He watched me like a hawk the whole time he talked. I actually started to tear up. But I forced the tears back and stood up to him.

"No you're not wrong, what you are is a douche though." I laughed an evil cruel laugh, "You really thought I would join you just because you said all that stuff? And let me guess, you're keeping my dad as a bargaining chip. Have you ever thought that I don't like my dad? Why do you think I left? I hate my dad and I always will. Its as simple as that."

"If you hate your dad so much, why did you even bother to come and save him?" He asked smirking, "Do you really think you can fool me? I am the King around here! No one can trick the King!" He yelled as Klaus quickly and quietly came in and broke his neck.

"Jeez took you long enough!" I attacked Klaus in a huge hug. "I thought he was going to find out I was lieing and kill me! Have you seen my dad?" He looked at me solemnly and frowned.

"I am so sorry, love," He looked at me and I knew something was wrong, "Marcel killed your father..." I looked at him and shook my head not believing him. He nodded and led me up to see him at the bottom of the first flight of stairs. I fell to my knees and put his head in my lap. I had tears streaming down my face. It felt like time stopped along with my heart. Then I heard sirens and saw flashing lights come closer to the house. Klaus lifted me up and ran with me in his arms bridal style. I just layed my head against his chest and balled. I didn't care if we were going vampire speed or not. I couldn't control the tears. They just wouldn't stop. When we came back to my house after the cops left and the reporters we got in our cars and went back to the house. And all this happened at 3 in the morning. When we got to the house I got ready and tried to look and act as normal as possible because I still had to act like my dad was alive until someone told me.

"Hey Kathrine!" I looked back and saw Mr.Blackwood running towards me in the hall. I faked a smile when he caught up with me, "You haven't been answering any of my calls, texts or emails! Is everything okay?" He looked sincerely worried.

"Can we talk somewhere private?" I asked and he nodded and led me to his class room, "Okay I really needed to tell someone! My dad got killed by this Vampire Marcel earlier today and Klaus came and saved me! But Marcel wants me for something and I don't know what! I think that's the whole reason he came! I think he wants me to help him destroy Klaus but Klaus wants me to help destroy Marcel! I chose Klaus but now I am debating if I should go with Marcel!" He grabbed me in his arms and pulled me close

"Do what you think is right. Betray Marcel or betray Klaus. Its your decision." He looked at me with a sad face, "No one can make the decision for you. But I wish you would just stay out of it." He kissed me on the lips then we went to class. The day went pretty slow too. I just wanted to get called down to the office by the cops and say that my father was dead. And that's exactly what happened.

"Katherine Stone Please come to the office. The Police are here to see you!" The intercom announced and everyone in my class looked at me shocked that I would have a police officer waiting in the office for me. I gathered up all my stuff and ignored my classmates. Mr.Blackwood stopped me and said good luck before I left. I walked down the silent halls of the school and everyone who I past by stared at me and some of the guys winked or slapped my butt. I smacked them in the face. When I finally got down to the office I almost started to cry. I walked in trying to look as normal as possible. The officer saw me and said something to the principal and he nodded. The officer came up to me and I could tell he felt sorry for me.

"Are you Ms.Stone?" I nodded and he continued, "Well I am Officer Jordyn. I came here to tell you something. I wish I didn't have to tell you but I do. So here it goes. Something has happened to your father. He was murdered this morning. I am so sorry." He looked down and I didn't do anything. I just stood there. He looked at me with confusion in his eyes and then worry. "Are you okay?"

"I don't know." I looked straight at him in the eyes and that's when the sobbing happened. He pulled me into his arms and hugged me. I sobbed for about 12 minutes then I finally stopped. I called Klaus and he came and picked me up from school.

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